Lot of miscellany

A lot of things have been accomplished since the last post – little knitting or crochet, but lots of other stuff.  Bug got a haircut…

We went to a ‘water’ birthday party…  The birthday boy (6) was the recipient of the crocheted Katamari.

We went boating for Memorial Day…

We made a chocolate cheesecake for a certain little girl’s birthday …

We danced in a hafla…

and had a birthday cookout with some family and friends for our little Bug’s 3rd birthday (officially it is Tuesday, though).

Oh, and I finished up the 3 week course and turned in grades!!! Wahooooooo!


2 thoughts on “Lot of miscellany

  1. That is a super cute hair cut! I hope she got blue presents to go with her cheesecake. (Probably a much easier request to meet than some you’ll get down the line.)

  2. How cute! Did SHE like the haircut? I remember my sister got her first haircut when she was five and she cried every time she looked in the mirror for like a week!

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