The Bug and I will be taking off on Sunday to central Virginia to visit my sister’s family. We are driving and the maps/directions say we will have 8 hours in the car. Bug has always been a poor traveler, so I hope to make it in under 12 hours. Traveling these days makes me feel uncomfortable, sometimes even scared. Life just seems so fragile, while accidents seem so random and senseless. Nice and upbeat, no? šŸ™‚

Anyway, we’ve been outside quite a bit lately and the weather today was incredibly nice (80s). So we played with sidewalk chalk that she loves. Her request this morning was Spongebob. I didn’t have time, so I drew one on the blacktop before picking her up this afternoon as a surprise. šŸ™‚

Everything here is growing and the peaches have even turned color (not ripe yet, though).

The corn socks for DH are coming along – into the ribbing portion and then the after-thought heel. That is the only progress for now. Wish us luck on Sunday!


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