Tanks and science, way cool . . .

We started out Tuesday for the Tank Museum in Danville, VA with all 11 of us in 3 cars (two carseats in Aunt M’s car and one in mine).  Bug, of course “had” to ride with Aunt M.  The first room of the tank museum was fine, but the other 2 rooms got a bit repetitive – especially since this place was not air conditioned (late June + unairconditioned warehouse + toddlers + very little for said toddlers to touch/climb on = crankiness)…

If you are ‘into’ tanks and it was cooler, this would be a great place to visit.  It was kind of expensive ($10/adult and $9.50 for older kids).  Then we had lunch and some cool drinks and decided to try and hit the Science Museum in Danville as well.  We got the address out of the phonebook and punched it into my new GPS system and away we went.  This was an awesome use for the GPS, BTW.

The Science Discovery Center was way cool and I wish we had gone there first.  It had ‘stuffed’ animals (really),

a caboose you could walk through and a butterfly house into,

shells and rocks,

rocks that glowed under UV light,

rocks in white light….

same rocks in UV light…

and more we didn’t even get to see.


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