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No hablo espanol…

Getting my panties in a bunch about going to a country where I don’t speak the language – frantically trying to dig the college spanish out of the recesses of my brain.  Why didn’t plan a trip to England or Canada or Australia? Yeh, I want to go to Australia instead.

I’ve looked up where the yarn shops are, and read that decent yarn is reasonable.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to go.


One week from today….

DH and I will be on a plane heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina.   I really have a dread of flying, so SIL gave me the tip of taking a tylenol PM to sleep through the overnight flight.  Now, if I can just keep calm and stomach-trouble-free up until then (grin).  Last year I worried so about Bug, but she was perfectly fine and only asked about us once (never cried or anything).  This year we won’t be able to use our cell phones, so I hope “mama” will make it ok.

We just returned from Paducah to visit with SIL who flew in from Delaware for a few days.  We went to a fish-fry at DH’s uncle’s house.  Bug enjoyed herself, as always.  She also went for a ride in Pappaw’s boat.  She will be staying the week with them while we are in Buenos Aires.

I managed to make a tremendous lot of progress on the periwinkle socks from the Hill Country sock yarn club from nearly a year ago.

The yarn (Sweet Feet in periwinkle) is extremely soft for 100% wool and the color is beautiful.  The pattern (sweet pea) is ok – very stretchy, and I am a tight knitter.  I’m using the recommended US needles and my “gauge” is tighter (8 SPI rather than 7 SPI).

Blue tongue Bug and yarn-errific day

First, thanks to Beth of the Knitter’ Wading Pool podcast for the lovely yarn and craft bag.  I “won” her podcast contest over the weekend.  There are 2 balls of Wool of the Andes (brown) and 2 balls of Shine sport (both Knit Picks), as well as a cute little craft bag.  I enter contests sometimes, but have never won….  THANKS!  I spent a little time on Ravelry looking at what others have done with this yarn.  I wonder what the yarn wants to be?  I think maybe the Shine would like to be a little crochet purse or bag, but the wool hasn’t spoken to me yet.

I finished the lotus socks (personal record of 2 weeks!)  Usually I take months to finish a pair.  Corn socks took from February to July, for example.

Yarn: Hill Country Sock Yarn (Instant Gratification)

Color: Russet

Needles: Knit picks options, US 4 (magic loop)

Pattern: Lotus blossom from the Hill Country Yarn Sock Club

Mods: magic toe-up cast on and the Queen Kahuna heel.

Thoughts: nice yarn, nice pattern, worked up SUPER-FAST, but color bled quite a bit

In other news –

Bug took her first ride/paddle (ha) in a kayak last weekend during Boat Day on the Stones River.

Then we went to Uncle Dave Macon Days (an old-time music and dance festival) and she had a blue raspberry sno-cone, where she turned into “Blue-tongued Bug.”

Ending vacation story and some socks

The other houses at the Frontier Culture Museum are houses of the pioneer times in America.  This one was in progress.

This one was later and represented two periods of time.

Bug even found a baby bed to put her horse to sleep in.

The next morning we left for home.  A long trip, but still better than I had envisioned.  Since then, we’ve run our first 5k (me) and 10k (DH),  been to Paducah to see Nana and Pappaw T and celebrate Independence Day with Bug’s first fireworks.

She also enjoyed a carriage ride with Pappaw and Dad.

I finished the corn socks and gave them to DH, but have yet to get a picture.  I also started another pair of socks from the Hill country sock yarn club (Instant gratification sock yarn in russet).  If a yarn was every named appropriately, this one is it.  I started the socks on July 3 and am nearly done with them.  The pattern is Lotus that came with the yarn.

More vacation (including my favorite spot)

Thursday in Virginia led us over to Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s retreat in Bedford County, Virginia.  They are just at the beginning stages of renovation, but it was still quite interesting and pretty.

We then had lunch at an Italian restaurant – wonderful pizza from Julia’s.  Bug likes to “share noodles” like the dogs in the movie Lady and the Tramp.  She has never seen the movie to my knowledge, but still does this.

After going home for dinner, we headed over to a play-type place with little race cars, boats, putt-putt, and batting cages.  The kids loved it even though the little ones could only “ride along” in the boats and cars.  The little boats had water squirters and there were water squirters that the “audience” could use, too.  So we were soaked!

My brother and his family left on Friday to get back for a family event on his wife’s side.   So, we took the kids to Staunton, VA to the Frontier Culture Museum.  This was one of my favorite places on the trip.  It had real houses in the style of the country (English, Irish, German) from different times (1700s and on) and then houses for different time periods in the US around the same times.  The houses had people in them doing things the real inhabitants would have been doing – knitting, spinning flax, cutting flax, iron working, cooking, etc.

English house (earliest – 1700s)

Irish house

German house

chicken  (Greta) that was tame enough to pet..

enough for now…  🙂

Views galore

Wednesday in Virginia was spent looking at the mountains.  We traveled to the visitor center at the Peaks of Otter in Bedford County, Virginia (Blue Ridge Mountains) and had lunch at the lodge (slow service, but ok).  We then rode the bus up the mountain and walked up to the observation area with the whole gang (minus Uncle T because he had to work).

This was the view from the bus drop off.

On the way up to the summit – a bit scary with toddlers.  Z and C practically ran up, but Bug trudged along barely.

View of the top (LOTS of big rocks).  Again, a bit scary with the toddlers and the open rock areas.

Views of the mountains from the top (FlatTop, Sharp Top, and Harkening Hill).

Here in TN, we picked a handful of blackberries and our first peach – MmmmmMMmmMMM!  The corn socks are almost done (middle of the afterthought heel on the second sock!)