Views galore

Wednesday in Virginia was spent looking at the mountains.  We traveled to the visitor center at the Peaks of Otter in Bedford County, Virginia (Blue Ridge Mountains) and had lunch at the lodge (slow service, but ok).  We then rode the bus up the mountain and walked up to the observation area with the whole gang (minus Uncle T because he had to work).

This was the view from the bus drop off.

On the way up to the summit – a bit scary with toddlers.  Z and C practically ran up, but Bug trudged along barely.

View of the top (LOTS of big rocks).  Again, a bit scary with the toddlers and the open rock areas.

Views of the mountains from the top (FlatTop, Sharp Top, and Harkening Hill).

Here in TN, we picked a handful of blackberries and our first peach – MmmmmMMmmMMM!  The corn socks are almost done (middle of the afterthought heel on the second sock!)


One thought on “Views galore

  1. Wow, awesome views! Noooo way i would be brave enough to go there with my toddler, the ‘jump first think later’ H2 though!
    Looks like a great holiday – candy corn fangs notwithstanding – boy did they give me a fright when I was scrolling until I stopped to read the caption 😉 Will teach me for scrolling, huh!

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