More vacation (including my favorite spot)

Thursday in Virginia led us over to Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s retreat in Bedford County, Virginia.  They are just at the beginning stages of renovation, but it was still quite interesting and pretty.

We then had lunch at an Italian restaurant – wonderful pizza from Julia’s.  Bug likes to “share noodles” like the dogs in the movie Lady and the Tramp.  She has never seen the movie to my knowledge, but still does this.

After going home for dinner, we headed over to a play-type place with little race cars, boats, putt-putt, and batting cages.  The kids loved it even though the little ones could only “ride along” in the boats and cars.  The little boats had water squirters and there were water squirters that the “audience” could use, too.  So we were soaked!

My brother and his family left on Friday to get back for a family event on his wife’s side.   So, we took the kids to Staunton, VA to the Frontier Culture Museum.  This was one of my favorite places on the trip.  It had real houses in the style of the country (English, Irish, German) from different times (1700s and on) and then houses for different time periods in the US around the same times.  The houses had people in them doing things the real inhabitants would have been doing – knitting, spinning flax, cutting flax, iron working, cooking, etc.

English house (earliest – 1700s)

Irish house

German house

chicken  (Greta) that was tame enough to pet..

enough for now…  🙂


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