Ending vacation story and some socks

The other houses at the Frontier Culture Museum are houses of the pioneer times in America.  This one was in progress.

This one was later and represented two periods of time.

Bug even found a baby bed to put her horse to sleep in.

The next morning we left for home.  A long trip, but still better than I had envisioned.  Since then, we’ve run our first 5k (me) and 10k (DH),  been to Paducah to see Nana and Pappaw T and celebrate Independence Day with Bug’s first fireworks.

She also enjoyed a carriage ride with Pappaw and Dad.

I finished the corn socks and gave them to DH, but have yet to get a picture.  I also started another pair of socks from the Hill country sock yarn club (Instant gratification sock yarn in russet).  If a yarn was every named appropriately, this one is it.  I started the socks on July 3 and am nearly done with them.  The pattern is Lotus that came with the yarn.


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