Blue tongue Bug and yarn-errific day

First, thanks to Beth of the Knitter’ Wading Pool podcast for the lovely yarn and craft bag.  I “won” her podcast contest over the weekend.  There are 2 balls of Wool of the Andes (brown) and 2 balls of Shine sport (both Knit Picks), as well as a cute little craft bag.  I enter contests sometimes, but have never won….  THANKS!  I spent a little time on Ravelry looking at what others have done with this yarn.  I wonder what the yarn wants to be?  I think maybe the Shine would like to be a little crochet purse or bag, but the wool hasn’t spoken to me yet.

I finished the lotus socks (personal record of 2 weeks!)  Usually I take months to finish a pair.  Corn socks took from February to July, for example.

Yarn: Hill Country Sock Yarn (Instant Gratification)

Color: Russet

Needles: Knit picks options, US 4 (magic loop)

Pattern: Lotus blossom from the Hill Country Yarn Sock Club

Mods: magic toe-up cast on and the Queen Kahuna heel.

Thoughts: nice yarn, nice pattern, worked up SUPER-FAST, but color bled quite a bit

In other news –

Bug took her first ride/paddle (ha) in a kayak last weekend during Boat Day on the Stones River.

Then we went to Uncle Dave Macon Days (an old-time music and dance festival) and she had a blue raspberry sno-cone, where she turned into “Blue-tongued Bug.”


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