One week from today….

DH and I will be on a plane heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina.   I really have a dread of flying, so SIL gave me the tip of taking a tylenol PM to sleep through the overnight flight.  Now, if I can just keep calm and stomach-trouble-free up until then (grin).  Last year I worried so about Bug, but she was perfectly fine and only asked about us once (never cried or anything).  This year we won’t be able to use our cell phones, so I hope “mama” will make it ok.

We just returned from Paducah to visit with SIL who flew in from Delaware for a few days.  We went to a fish-fry at DH’s uncle’s house.  Bug enjoyed herself, as always.  She also went for a ride in Pappaw’s boat.  She will be staying the week with them while we are in Buenos Aires.

I managed to make a tremendous lot of progress on the periwinkle socks from the Hill Country sock yarn club from nearly a year ago.

The yarn (Sweet Feet in periwinkle) is extremely soft for 100% wool and the color is beautiful.  The pattern (sweet pea) is ok – very stretchy, and I am a tight knitter.  I’m using the recommended US needles and my “gauge” is tighter (8 SPI rather than 7 SPI).


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