No hablo espanol…

Getting my panties in a bunch about going to a country where I don’t speak the language – frantically trying to dig the college spanish out of the recesses of my brain.  Why didn’t plan a trip to England or Canada or Australia? Yeh, I want to go to Australia instead.

I’ve looked up where the yarn shops are, and read that decent yarn is reasonable.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to go.


One thought on “No hablo espanol…

  1. I’m a little concerned about going to Peru. I’m going with Dr. Brower to a butterfly conference in Cuzco. Anyhow, my Spanish is okay, passable anyway, but not only will this be my first trip out of the country, it’s my first conference as well. Eep!
    Have fun in Argentina and let us know if you see any of the pretty little silver butterflies.

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