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An experiment and random stuff

Ok – here it is … I hate to cast-on.  I am bad at it.  I really hated it until I found the crochet cast-on method in Victorian Lace Today.  I still don’t do it well, so it is still very stressful for me.  My project always starts out WAY TOO LOOSE!  So, I’m going to do some experimenting to figure out this problem I have.  I’m going to start out with cast-ons in Nancie Wiseman’s Finishing Techniques book and trying different needles and such.

In other fiber-y things –

Here are the green cable socks, finished.

the particulars:

Yarn: Happy Feet, Plymouth Yarn, 2 skeins (used 62g with 40g left)

Color: is a number, looks like green camo

Size: fits W size 8-9

Needles: Knit picks US 2

Pattern: made it up

I’m working on another pair for DH because those turned out too small – see the previous post if you must know how that sort of thing happens

The pattern started out as the Blueberry Waffle sock, which Megan of Stitch It loves, but I got the rows mixed up.  It still looks fine.

The Bug is growing up so fast.  She moved to the 3 year old room last week.  This means she gets to play on the “big” playground!


one little word

The green cable socks are done and are WAY too small for DH.  I will be giving them to my mother instead.  It is amazing how one little word – when missed – can lead to this sort of error.  At first I thought it was because of the cables.  I had read how cables decrease the width of the knitting, so I thought maybe they did the same for length.  Nope.   I moved on to knitting another pair of socks for DH in Jawoll and was calculating where to start the gusset increases when I decided to check my notes for the green cable pair when AHA!

Let’s go to the commentary inside Becklespeckle’s head –

Queen Kahuna writes to take 1/2 of the stitches on the sock and divide by the rows per inch… Hmmm….
I wonder what I did for the green socks.  OMG!  I took all the stitches on the sock and divided by the rows per inch.  No wonder those socks are more than 2 inches too short.  Not 56/10, but 28/10!  I should have knit 6.2 inches before the gusset increases, not 3.5!

Moral: Read the directions!

Secondary moral:  Keeping notes helps you figure out where things went awry!

Sock-rama and getting to the end of the vacation story

First, I’ll dazzle you with socks!

Pattern: Sweet Pea by Holly Oshesky (Hill Country sock club pattern)

Yarn: Sweet Feet Yarn (used 61g, have 46 g left), I like short-ish cuffs)

Needles: US2, knit picks

Size: 10

Mods: perfect as is, but used my preferred Queen Kahuna heel

And another pair (in progress):

These socks started out at the Roviras socks, but the delicate cables were lost in the slightly mottled yarn, so I made up my own cable:

toe-up, cast on 11 on each needle, increased to 56 stitches. For left sock, began cable (offset) on front needle at fifth stitch (P, K, P, C6B, P, K, P) knit around. After heel began identical cable 4 stitches from the end of the row on the back needle. After 1 cable repeat on front and back, added a smaller central cable between these (K, P, C4B, P, K). Ended central, smaller cable one repeat before the larger side cables, then 3 rows of knit and 5 rows of 1×1 ribbing.  I am repeating this “backwards” for the right sock to keep the cables along the outer leg, also the cable backward is cable forward on the right sock.

Now to finish the vacation story…

We spent Sunday morning in San Telmo at the market and the street fair.

There were some unusual shops, like this one where one window was this… ( I don’t know if they were selling the leg lamps or the pantyhose)

and the other window was this… (a dead chicken plastic bag holder/dispenser).  I would have bought one just for fun if it hadn’t been >$30 US.

We headed toward Plaza Asturias for a spanish lunch, but discovered they only took cash.  So we went across the street corner to the much calmer Cafe Alameda (Microcentro).  This was the most delicious pizza we have had in a long time!

We went back to the hotel and rested until the Tango Show at Senor Tango.  We met a lovely bunch of people from Brazil and had a good time there.

Blah, blah, bleck

I got back from the Southern Fusion Fest dance workshop this afternoon.  It was 3 days of workshops in Athens, GA.  I guess I’m in a sad kind of mood.  I wasn’t impressed with most of the workshops.  It was mostly stuff I already knew or didn’t care for.  I really noticed many people being there just to buy things, to acquire more and more “stuff”.  I’m trying to clear out the clutter in my own life.  Aside from being with my family, I feel the things I do are so very insignificant . . . maybe tomorrow will be better, or maybe not.

Saturday in Recoleta

We visited the Recoleta Cemetery and saw the amazing statues.

We also visited the nearby church and toured the Cloisters.

Then we visited the craft fair nearby. We bought a wooden cat puzzle for Bug and a Yerba Mate cup for DH.

We had lunch at Cafe Victoria where DH had awesome squash ravioli and I had a good mushroom gnocchi. We wondered around a bit more then headed back to the room for some rest before going out for the evening. We had a look around the train station and then headed to a steak restaurant, the name of which escapes me right now.

As for today, we got our work schedules for the fall. I pretty much knew what I’d be teaching, so I started prepping a syllabus yesterday and Monday. DH has a very heavy load this time. We’re going to have to switch our ‘date night’ because he has an evening class on Wednesdays. I started working on Bug’s new pink hat, but ripped it back out because it was HUGE. I finished the knitting on my sister’s clogs, but need to sew them up and felt them.

A busy day in Palermo

Friday in Buenos Aires was spent in the Palermo are at the Botanical Garden, Zoo, Evita Museum, and a shopping center.

The botanical garden was pretty and we saw many different trees and cacti.

We ate lunch at a great restaurant – a vegetarian restaurant called Bio.  I had mushrooms cooked in coconut milk and rice, while DH had quinoa risotto.  Both were awesome.

The Zoo was just across the street from the botanical garden so we headed back there.  I was surprised at how they sold animal food and let the kids throw food at the animals AND how close the animals were, even the dangerous ones like a giant brown bear!

There were other Argentine animals, too – llamas and vicunas.

We got some coffee and headed down the street to the Evita Museum.  It was very interesting.  Many people in Argentina didn’t like her, many people did.  She started out poor and wanted to be an actress, so she moved to the city and became an actress.  She started organizing and working for her community and then met Peron.  She was instrumental in getting women the right to vote in Argentina and starting many social programs to help children especially.  She died of breast cancer at age 33.  I couldn’t take any pictures in the museum, but it is definitely worth a visit.  I may have to watch the movie – I don’t like Madonna, though.

Now for the next “bad” happening on our vacation.  DH wanted to see what a mall looked like, so we headed out to Florida Street and down to the subway.  This man kept getting in front of me and going very slow.  He did this twice and made me kind of angry.  I discovered on the subway that my backpack had been pickpocketed.  Luckily, I had my wallet in my jacket.  He or she only got my bottle of tylenol PM and zipper-bag of medicine out of the front pocket, but he or she got my bag of stitch markers and crochet hooks from the big area in my backpack!  I know, I know – I should have had it locked with a lock on the zipper pulls.  At least I had taken out my favorite hooks and my great-grandmothers steel hooks and left them at home.  So, I was more upset at feeling violated.

Flash-forward to today!

I started a pair of clogs for my sister and am still working on the green cable socks (sans double-loop marker that was stolen!)  The new camera came in the mail, so I’ll be able to take some good pictures now (or after the battery has charged and we get a memory card )!

Colonia, Uruguay

The next day of vacation was Thursday – we had arranged a trip to Colonia, Uruguay. A travel service was supposed to pick us up at our hotel at 7 am (5 am our time), but no one showed up. So, we headed down to the ferry on our own and took our own tour. The ferry ride was 3 hours in which I knit and frogged the green cable (Rovasiras-sukat) socks – I had finished the sweet pea socks on the plane. The yarn was too mottled to bring out the delicate cables, so I ripped back and started just a simple cable on the outside of the sock. I’ll take pictures of those soon.

Anyway, we walked from the ferry into town (confusing, no signs, only verbal directions) to the city information area where they told us about a craft fair and the historic area. Since the craft fair was on the way we stopped by there first.

We bought a couple of things and then headed down the main street toward the ‘historic downtown’ area.

We had lunch in a nondescript cafe which was very bland and expensive then walked to the historic museum area.

There are 6 museums in a small area plus a little lighthouse. We visited only one museum (no pictures allowed) and the lighthouse. We got to go into the lighthouse and see the view of the water and town.

I was hoping to see the Tile Museum, but it was closed. So we walk along the coast for a bit

and then walked back towards the ferry and stopped in an ice cream shop (Arcos Iris Heladeria aka Rainbow Ice Cream Shop). This was the most delicious mascarpone/raspberry ice cream! The bottom scoop was dulce de leche with nuts and was good, too, but not like the mascarpone!

We ambled around looking at the town trying to waste time until the ferry ride back. We were still early for the ferry, but we were tired. We figure that we walked between 6 and 8 miles each day during our trip – whew!