Home, sweet, home

We’re back from our trip – lots of ups and some downs over the week.  I’m glad to be back home with our Bug.  She had a great visit with Nana and Pappaw and we talked to her over the skype camera most days at least for a few minutes.  I’ll start with the first days – left Monday evening to fly to Washington DC and then to Buenos Aires.  We arrived at Washington on time with very little time to get to our gate.   We arrived in time to find our flight delayed until the morning.  We were given a hotel and meal allowance and told to be back at 7 am (at 11pm at night finally after standing in line for hours!) – so we arrived at the allotted time and our flight was delayed for about an hour.  This flight got about 2 hours over the ocean and we saw the little plane on the GPS system was headed the wrong direction.  They had a sensor in the cargo door tell them the door was open, so we went back to Washington and were told to be back at the gate at 4:30.  Some people got to board the plane then, but then had to get back off for a software update which took about another 90 minutes.  Finally we left Washington a second time about 6:30 and arrived in Buenos Aires about 5am their time.  We slept for a few hours and then headed out for our first day (Wednesday, not Tuesday).  We were able to essentially keep on our own time zone because they are 2 hours ahead, but do everything late (lunch between 1 and 4, dinner between 7 or 8 and 11pm).   Here are a few pictures of the first day – we dropped the ‘good’ digital camera and had to use the one on the video camera…. 🙂 you gotta laugh by now!

the Argentine flag

The Casa Rosada (yes, the pink house) is their version of the White House

The Faulkland Island memorial – has an eternal flame at the left and a soldier standing guard in the middle

The streets and buildings

Us at a cafe (Il Gran Caffe) – a nice cafe with friendly service and good espresso.  Notice that we are in jackets because it is winter there.

the Torres tower (aka British Clock tower) on the opposite side of a large plaza from the Casa Rosada

We ate dinner at a small parilla, which is a grill-type specialty of Argentina.  It was amazing – especially the grilled chorizo sausage!  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture and only remember the address of the restaurant (663 LaValle).  YUM!


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