Colonia, Uruguay

The next day of vacation was Thursday – we had arranged a trip to Colonia, Uruguay. A travel service was supposed to pick us up at our hotel at 7 am (5 am our time), but no one showed up. So, we headed down to the ferry on our own and took our own tour. The ferry ride was 3 hours in which I knit and frogged the green cable (Rovasiras-sukat) socks – I had finished the sweet pea socks on the plane. The yarn was too mottled to bring out the delicate cables, so I ripped back and started just a simple cable on the outside of the sock. I’ll take pictures of those soon.

Anyway, we walked from the ferry into town (confusing, no signs, only verbal directions) to the city information area where they told us about a craft fair and the historic area. Since the craft fair was on the way we stopped by there first.

We bought a couple of things and then headed down the main street toward the ‘historic downtown’ area.

We had lunch in a nondescript cafe which was very bland and expensive then walked to the historic museum area.

There are 6 museums in a small area plus a little lighthouse. We visited only one museum (no pictures allowed) and the lighthouse. We got to go into the lighthouse and see the view of the water and town.

I was hoping to see the Tile Museum, but it was closed. So we walk along the coast for a bit

and then walked back towards the ferry and stopped in an ice cream shop (Arcos Iris Heladeria aka Rainbow Ice Cream Shop). This was the most delicious mascarpone/raspberry ice cream! The bottom scoop was dulce de leche with nuts and was good, too, but not like the mascarpone!

We ambled around looking at the town trying to waste time until the ferry ride back. We were still early for the ferry, but we were tired. We figure that we walked between 6 and 8 miles each day during our trip – whew!


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