Saturday in Recoleta

We visited the Recoleta Cemetery and saw the amazing statues.

We also visited the nearby church and toured the Cloisters.

Then we visited the craft fair nearby. We bought a wooden cat puzzle for Bug and a Yerba Mate cup for DH.

We had lunch at Cafe Victoria where DH had awesome squash ravioli and I had a good mushroom gnocchi. We wondered around a bit more then headed back to the room for some rest before going out for the evening. We had a look around the train station and then headed to a steak restaurant, the name of which escapes me right now.

As for today, we got our work schedules for the fall. I pretty much knew what I’d be teaching, so I started prepping a syllabus yesterday and Monday. DH has a very heavy load this time. We’re going to have to switch our ‘date night’ because he has an evening class on Wednesdays. I started working on Bug’s new pink hat, but ripped it back out because it was HUGE. I finished the knitting on my sister’s clogs, but need to sew them up and felt them.


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