Blah, blah, bleck

I got back from the Southern Fusion Fest dance workshop this afternoon.  It was 3 days of workshops in Athens, GA.  I guess I’m in a sad kind of mood.  I wasn’t impressed with most of the workshops.  It was mostly stuff I already knew or didn’t care for.  I really noticed many people being there just to buy things, to acquire more and more “stuff”.  I’m trying to clear out the clutter in my own life.  Aside from being with my family, I feel the things I do are so very insignificant . . . maybe tomorrow will be better, or maybe not.


One thought on “Blah, blah, bleck

  1. Do you think maybe it’s let down after your trip? Or changing of the seasons? Summer winding up and all of the back to school talk? I know things like that are always a struggle for me.

    Just remember everything you do is important to Bug, and she’s lucky to have a mom like you.

    Email me if you need to talk. Depression and the blues are no fun, and even if it’s just mild know you’re not alone, ok??


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