Archive | August 21, 2008

Sock-rama and getting to the end of the vacation story

First, I’ll dazzle you with socks!

Pattern: Sweet Pea by Holly Oshesky (Hill Country sock club pattern)

Yarn: Sweet Feet Yarn (used 61g, have 46 g left), I like short-ish cuffs)

Needles: US2, knit picks

Size: 10

Mods: perfect as is, but used my preferred Queen Kahuna heel

And another pair (in progress):

These socks started out at the Roviras socks, but the delicate cables were lost in the slightly mottled yarn, so I made up my own cable:

toe-up, cast on 11 on each needle, increased to 56 stitches. For left sock, began cable (offset) on front needle at fifth stitch (P, K, P, C6B, P, K, P) knit around. After heel began identical cable 4 stitches from the end of the row on the back needle. After 1 cable repeat on front and back, added a smaller central cable between these (K, P, C4B, P, K). Ended central, smaller cable one repeat before the larger side cables, then 3 rows of knit and 5 rows of 1×1 ribbing.  I am repeating this “backwards” for the right sock to keep the cables along the outer leg, also the cable backward is cable forward on the right sock.

Now to finish the vacation story…

We spent Sunday morning in San Telmo at the market and the street fair.

There were some unusual shops, like this one where one window was this… ( I don’t know if they were selling the leg lamps or the pantyhose)

and the other window was this… (a dead chicken plastic bag holder/dispenser).  I would have bought one just for fun if it hadn’t been >$30 US.

We headed toward Plaza Asturias for a spanish lunch, but discovered they only took cash.  So we went across the street corner to the much calmer Cafe Alameda (Microcentro).  This was the most delicious pizza we have had in a long time!

We went back to the hotel and rested until the Tango Show at Senor Tango.  We met a lovely bunch of people from Brazil and had a good time there.