Archive | August 28, 2008

one little word

The green cable socks are done and are WAY too small for DH.  I will be giving them to my mother instead.  It is amazing how one little word – when missed – can lead to this sort of error.  At first I thought it was because of the cables.  I had read how cables decrease the width of the knitting, so I thought maybe they did the same for length.  Nope.   I moved on to knitting another pair of socks for DH in Jawoll and was calculating where to start the gusset increases when I decided to check my notes for the green cable pair when AHA!

Let’s go to the commentary inside Becklespeckle’s head –

Queen Kahuna writes to take 1/2 of the stitches on the sock and divide by the rows per inch… Hmmm….
I wonder what I did for the green socks.  OMG!  I took all the stitches on the sock and divided by the rows per inch.  No wonder those socks are more than 2 inches too short.  Not 56/10, but 28/10!  I should have knit 6.2 inches before the gusset increases, not 3.5!

Moral: Read the directions!

Secondary moral:  Keeping notes helps you figure out where things went awry!