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Still kicking . . .

We are still alive – working, knitting, dancing, etc.  There is a lot of anticipation this year for halloween…

Working on some big ol’ socks for FIL (for hunting)


So much..

Many adventures since the last post… A quick picture-filled post!

Socks based on a stitch pattern (Fancy pattern # 17 by Fitter Knitter) are done.  The chevron pattern reminds me of Charlie Brown’s shirt (the zig-zag), so these are my “Charlie Brown” socks.


Knitpicks essential, 2 skeins (but not all)

Color: cocoa

US 2

This yarn is awesome.  I hope it wears well.

We’ve been to the Brown County Fair to see the big pumpkins

The winner was a mere 150.5 pounds.

The big surprise vegetable was the cabbage that weighed 29.4 pounds!

Miss Bug rode the carousel after MUCH coaxing – then wanted to go again and again.

All in all a good time –