Ambling along

School has started and the cold has let up a bit, but it supposed to be back tonight. I have had a fierce need to make stuff, WARM stuff…


FO: Emerald Hug

A scarf for my Grandma (a knitted, fuzzy green hug)


Yarn: Riot eyelash from Yarn Bee, color seamist

Pattern: simple garter stitch, CO 15 with US 10

FO: The John Deere clogs for MY Dear Dad





Yarn: Lopi Lite, every bit of 6 balls (4 green and 2 yellow) for Men’s medium

Pattern: the brilliant FiberTrends felted clogs!

WIP: Blue Beret


Yarn: malabrigo, mmmmm

Pattern: One Day Beret by Through the Loops

WIP: Pinkie Clogs for MIL


Yarn: Regular Lopi, pink and gray

Pattern: Yes, more clogs!


DH wants to eat more vegetarian dishes (not so much meat), so I am obliging. I used to eat very little meat – especially in graduate school. So, besides another batch of yummy biscotti (not as good with peanuts as pecans), I made onion soup this week from the Moosewood Cookbook – yum! We’re going to try a butternut squash/quinoa dish DH found, and perhaps a frittata or risotto (from the Splendid Table) this coming week.


I am also enjoying the flurry of podcasts that have picked up after the holiday breaks. I am especially enjoying Cogknitive, Stash and Burn, and StitchIt. I seem to be dealing a bit better with the winter blues so far this winter. I have been exercising more and that seems to help. However, I haven’t talked to my family much – I generally do that when I am starting to feel sad. So, I am looking forward to Dr. Gemma’s strategies (cogknitive) for fighting back those winter blahs/blues.

Little Bug has been behaving somewhat better these past few days, so I feel a bit more at ease.

Here are all of our “winter” flowers: Daisy, Iris, Lily and Bug (she has a flower name, too).


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