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Catching up

I’ve been finishing up lots of things this past week.

The Lady Gray Scarf from the Luxury One skein wonders book


Yarn: ecolana from AslanTrends

Color: natural gray

Hook: G

Mods: did 10 repeats of the square because there wasn’t enough to do 11 repeats, crocheted the squares together using the chain stitch areas of the last rows of each square

Comments: nice yarn to work with, but a bit scratchy on my neck – nice and easy pattern

More fetching …


Yarn: Classic alpaca

color: black

Needles: US6

Mods: none this time, pattern is perfect as is…

Blue Beret (One day beret from Between the Loops)


Yarn: malabrigo

Color: agua

Mods: did a lot more stockinette and reduced 1+ more inches at ribbing and went down 2 US needle sizes for ribbing

Comments: wonderful yarn and easy pattern

Right now, I’m still working on the poinelle socks, MIL clogs. I’m also going to start a market bag in some yarn I won in a contest.

Other than that, we are still chugging along – waiting to hear about the next round of budget cuts. Bug is getting bigger by the minute… and loves to dress up.



OK here

Many of our family have been in winter storm areas with horrible ice and snow in various states west of the Mississippi.  Several were without power for days, but thankfully are all ok.  MIL sent pictures of Paducah, KY with inches of ice and my mom and brother sent pictures of Ripley, OH where you couldn’t tell where interstate roads were amidst the snow.  We missed everything so far this winter but a tiny bit of snow and a few inches of rain.

Anyway, I’ve finished several things and tried a few new recipes – I’ll take pictures soon and post them.  The risotto from the Splendid Table webpage was good (see last post).  DH really liked it; it was ok to me, but needed something.  I tried to make a frittata, but it turned out kind of icky.

Right now I’m working on another pair of fetching, the MIL clogs, a crochet scarf, and the same pair of socks… just jugging along, waiting for spring!