So, we’ve been busy with spring, tornadoes, and scarlet fever. Last Friday was quite surreal. I didn’t even know we were in for some rough weather when the sirens went off about noon. Faculty and students spent 2 hours in the hallways watching the weather maps on the projectors in some of the classrooms. We all watched the swirls and spins and “red” areas, noting where our houses are/might still be, or where our loved ones are. Little Bug spent those 2 hours in a small bathroom with 14 other 3 year olds and 3 teachers – one of whom was incubating scarlet fever… We were the lucky ones. I have at least one student whose house is gone, but he is lucky in comparison to the family that lost the mother/wife and 9 week old daughter. It is all so sad…

Poor little Bug had a temp of 103.5 on Sunday, even with a dose of ibuprofen. She has since been diagnosed and gotten antibiotics for her scarlet fever.


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