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Cooking and the veggie box… with a little baking

There has been lots of cooking going on around here lately.  Mostly, it has been inspired by the Community-supported-agriculture (CSA) box that we get every Wednesday.  I consider it a personal challenge to use everything.  Ours (Avalon Acres) has a box with a meat share  – which is what we get.

Box 1:

strawberries, radishes, several types of lettuce, spinach, green onions,  pork chops, eggs


spinach alfredo pizza made with the spinach from box 1:


Box 2

bok choy, lettuce, ‘cheddar cheese’ cauliflower, radishes, strawberries,  ‘purple’ green onions, hamburger, eggs


Box 3

radishes, spring greens, lettuce, strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, a whole chicken (which we brined and smoked), eggs


Box 4:

white radishes, red potatoes, lettuce, garlic sprouty-things, green onions, broccoli (a bit of purple broccoli), ham steaks, eggs


Ham Fried Rice made with ham and green onions from the box:


The challenges so far have been to use the radishes (we gave them away) and the eggs (I’ve been making lots of cheesecakes and giving them away).

Besides the cheesecakes – yes, that is plural and the count for this month is 4, we made “crash bandicoot‘ cupcakes for a newly seven year old boy.  Unfortunately, they turned out a bit more like cute little bears (the antithesis of what 7 year old boys like).

crashband0506<Picture is linked to source>



Miss Bug’s contribution looks amazingly like a katamari, which is what we gave him last year for his B-day…



ha ha h ah ah ahhha  ha ha ha! 🙂


Facebook takes over computer time…

I’ve been catching up with folks I know from the past on Facebook. I used to be on a BBS back in Lexington and had several friends through that. I’m quite the introverted and awkward person, so computer talk and emails work well for me. I’m surprised at how much I do enjoy “talking” to others in just little fits and spurts.

We’ve had lots of rain here – lost our peach tree and a lilac bush to the monsoon season. Other plants are doing well. Bug is growing like a weed, herself.

I’ve been knitting socks and more socks. These are from Tofutsie yarn. I like the fabric, but dislike the splitty-ness of the yarn.

end of semester!

Well, it isn’t quite the end.  I still have a few more things to grade and one class for which to enter final grades.  I should be getting my syllabus ready for summer school, but I am worn out from days and days of meetings, presentations, and grading.

The garden is looking springy.  The blackberries are perking up.  The upside down tomotoes are looking strange out on the porch.  All is well except for the screaming 3 year old who is refusing to go to sleep, but is at least staying in her bedroom right now.  It is a good thing she is cute.