Cooking and the veggie box… with a little baking

There has been lots of cooking going on around here lately.  Mostly, it has been inspired by the Community-supported-agriculture (CSA) box that we get every Wednesday.  I consider it a personal challenge to use everything.  Ours (Avalon Acres) has a box with a meat share  – which is what we get.

Box 1:

strawberries, radishes, several types of lettuce, spinach, green onions,  pork chops, eggs


spinach alfredo pizza made with the spinach from box 1:


Box 2

bok choy, lettuce, ‘cheddar cheese’ cauliflower, radishes, strawberries,  ‘purple’ green onions, hamburger, eggs


Box 3

radishes, spring greens, lettuce, strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, a whole chicken (which we brined and smoked), eggs


Box 4:

white radishes, red potatoes, lettuce, garlic sprouty-things, green onions, broccoli (a bit of purple broccoli), ham steaks, eggs


Ham Fried Rice made with ham and green onions from the box:


The challenges so far have been to use the radishes (we gave them away) and the eggs (I’ve been making lots of cheesecakes and giving them away).

Besides the cheesecakes – yes, that is plural and the count for this month is 4, we made “crash bandicoot‘ cupcakes for a newly seven year old boy.  Unfortunately, they turned out a bit more like cute little bears (the antithesis of what 7 year old boys like).

crashband0506<Picture is linked to source>



Miss Bug’s contribution looks amazingly like a katamari, which is what we gave him last year for his B-day…



ha ha h ah ah ahhha  ha ha ha! 🙂

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