Summer, finally…

My last class for the summer was today – whew!  It has been a whirlwind of classes…  only grades left to assign and calculate.

We’ve gotten some green beans out of the garden and the squash are doing some serious blooming.  The blackberries are formed their nice little green orbs.  The CSA boxes are started to have more variety than just lettuces – I get tired of lettuce easily and have been looking forward to the changes.

CSA box: week 5 contained carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs, sirloin steak, red romaine (or swiss chard?), radishes, butter lettuce, peas


We used everything but a bit of the butter lettuce which is still in the fridge.  I made cabbage au gratin (new recipe) from the UK extension office using 1/2 head of cabbage and some green onions added in – this one is a keeper!  We steamed the cauliflower and the peas.  DH loved the peas.  I gave away the radishes and we froze the steaks.  I made a spinach provolone frittata (new recipe) from the Mixing Bowl site using several eggs.  It was rated good by me, but not by DH.  I also used some of the eggs to make a chocolate cheesecake for a friend’s birthday.

CSA box: week 6 contained peaches, radishes, green onions, white onion, basil, mint, dill, swiss chard (or red romaine?), eggs, chicken breast, peas, red potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash


I made a skillet fried chicken breast to use up the chicken (rating = ok).  We steamed the peas (again a hit according to DH) tonight.  I used the last carrot from the last box, along with the big onion, the basil, and our own oregano to make pasta prima vera tonight.

I have been working slowly on the sock from the Cookie A book.  It is a nice, but complex pattern (Bex), but I modified it by going toe up and may leave the large diamond areas to just adorn the cuff/leg area.



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