Vacation – part 2

Late on Thursday evening DH arrived… 🙂 to join our group, so Friday took us to the Oconaluftee Indian Village.  This is a re-creation village showing native American activities and homes representing different times, back to the 1700s.  We saw pottery, weaving, basketmaking, flintknapping (sp?), and traditional dancing.  You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at us, our family has some Cherokee ancestors, so it was both interesting and a little sad to visit.




I wish we had the time (and energy) to visit the museum and Qualla Crafts, but alas there wasn’t enough of either.


There was a time for the little ones to take a crafting class 🙂

On Saturday we headed to rafting (at Raft with Kids) with my sister’s family (little Z and little C included).  Little Bug was very scared and wanted to go back, but the guides were so GREAT with her.  She eventually calmed down and we all had a great time (sorry no pics – camera isn’t waterproof).  A final dinner at Butts on the Creek (good, but a bit expensive) and another round of golf (demanded by little Z) rounded out our vacation…



Final verdict: I am exhausted!!!!


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