Pound cake and socks (mostly) with no pictures :(

Well, that title describes what I’ve been doing with my “free” time lately.

I’ve been working on finding a good pound cake recipe since the horrible disaster a few weeks ago.  I tried the Pound cake recipe (with fresh blackberries) from the next to latest Martha Stewart Living – it was HORRIBLE!  too salty!  I should have known adding 1 tablespoon of salt was too much, but I reasoned that it was ‘course’ salt AND it was for 2 loaves…. ICK!

Last night was a better trial – Cream cheese pound cake from Bakerella.  I made one blackberry and one chocolate chip.  The pans overflowed in the oven badly, but the cake turned out ok.  Not the dense pound-like texture, but good cake.

I also tried making Blueberry Boy Bait from Smitten Kitchen except with Ranier cherries.  It was ok, but didn’t look like the pictures.  I had to use dark brown sugar and I don’t think I beat the sugar and butter long enough.

As for crafting…

I am done with the lace scarf.  It needs blocking and pictures.  I am working on the Cookie A socks and a ‘vanilla’ 3x2rib sock (both at the gusset increases).  There will be pictures next post…. 🙂


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