Archive | November 2009

The goings-on…

Lots of working going on around here, so there is little of most everything else.  I did try a few new recipes – the winners of the bunch were Grilled turkey with apple chutney and candied garlic green beans.  DH picked up the recipe card from Publix – where he tasted the dishes.  It is a hit in my book.  I changed the apple drink to apple cider, actually grilled the turkey loin (not pan seared),  and used more green beans than were called for.   I think we’ll even make this over the holiday.

As for crafting, I’ve been working on a small shawl that I learned about from Manic Purl’s podcast: Multnomah.  I’m doing mine in Malabrigo sock and will do more repeats to use up the yarn.  The pattern calls for 10 repeats, but I’ll probably have enough to do 12 or 13 (on 11 right now).

Miss Bug enjoyed her first venture into trick-or-treating.  It was the first time she has been able to stay awake until dark on the actual day.  She was a ferocious black cat.


Dad took her to the pumpkin patch for school, but she has become terrified of the wagon or the ride or something.  She cried on the wagon, but managed to pick out a pumpkin.


We’ve been enjoying the outside…