End of Year Reflections, part 1

So, here is my list of goals for this nearly passed year…  Let’s see how I’ve done.

Be healthier –

Cook more at home – I think so, but I don’t have empirical evidence

eat out less – I think so, but I don’t have empirical evidence

try new recipes – yes, lots.  found some good ones and some FLOPS!

drink less pop/soda – not really

eat more vegetables and fruits – yes on veggies, no on fruits, I am not much of a fruit eater

exercise more regularly – yes,  I have especially biked more.  I really like my new Trek WSD  and DH got me a garmin for Christmas

Parenting –

be more consistent with Bug – yes

be more patient with Bug – I think so

set boundaries – yes, but they are hard-fought battles

Personal –

take more time to relax and enjoy life – nope, I still can’t seem to get this

strengthen my dancing technique – yes, but this still needs work

knit/crochet a few things for me (hat and scarf) – nope, isn’t that sad?

Family –

do more family-oriented activities – sort of, I do more things with Bug

visit or call out-of-town family more often – not really; when things get me down, as they often do, I sink inside myself


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