Franken-computer and WIP

I sit here in front on a franken-computer… the body of my husband’s laptop and the hard drive of my sleek little red laptop.  Bug fell off a nearby chair and swept a cup of diet coke right into it.  It worked long enough to pull the data off, but now won’t load windows.  I’m still in a bit of shock. Oh, well.

I finished a Mama Bear from the Knitted Fingerpuppet book

and a pair of fetching in light pink alpaca

started a twisted rib scarf in the blue malabrigo (of the failed blue beret)

and started some more clogs for DH in University of Louisville colors (his undergrad)

School starts in 3 days, so I’ve been spending the mornings working on my syllabi.  Spring classes are difficult for me because they are in topics that change drastically from one year to the next (human genetics, bioinformatics).  Keeps my on my toes, though, right? 🙂


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