Play day!

We had a wintry mix this afternoon that closed everything here, even the university where I work.  Traffic was bad because there is so little snow that most people here don’t know how to drive in the stuff AND I didn’t see a single snow plow.

Personally, I enjoy the snow.  I especially like the suspension of ‘regular’ activities – like a license to play.  What I dislike about winter is the dreary and gray that drains my energy; thankfully, the snow lightens things up.

We currently have layering going on… snow-ice-snow (this was after the first layer only).

I’ve been working on my merletto mitts today and contemplating what I’d like to do for this year (knitting-wise).  I think I’d like to try knitting a sweater and also fair isle something or other – perhaps endpaper mitts or similar.

I’ve also been listening to audiobooks via my audible subscription.  I took Meghan’s suggestion from Stitch It (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon).  It was a great story, but a twist near the end was disturbing.   I’m glad I got it as an audiobook; I might now have understood the Scottish language through reading, but did by listening.

Finally, I am always surprised how beautiful food can be, especially plain, fresh fruit…


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