Memorial Day Chatter

So, the 3 week class is more than 2/3 done now!  Yay!

We have had an eventful weekend so far.  Saturday was the McMinnville Triathalon.  See my two triatheletes…

then Sunday, we went to canoe/kayak on the Duck River.  We got caught in a downpour about 2/3 of the way to to take out and were SOAKED at the end.   I also (thoughtlessly) put the towel bag in the vehicle at the put-in, so we drove over sopping wet.   You just have to laugh, though.  Every time we go to that part of the river we get soaked. 🙂

Today, DH has a 10K in Hendersonville and we are waiting for his return.  He carpooled with his running buddies.

I am still working on my Dad’s socks (at gusset on second sock).  He has been feeling down lately and I will be glad to get these to him.  I am afraid that I am just like him – prone to sadness.  Both of us are definitely not “talkers,” either, so it is difficult to share our feelings and our fears with others.

I finished the last Outlander book (Echo in the Bone, as an audiobook) and am eagerly waiting the next installment.  I started listening to another book “Shopclass as Soulcraft” which reminds me of my days at Berea (Berea College), but also how I grew up – viewing work as beneficial and worthwhile.  I am reminded again and again that most people in the world don’t think of work as I do – that all work has some value and that doing work gives us a feeling of accomplishment.  I actually crave that feeling.  I think that is a large part of why I craft – to have something tangible in the end.

It is Memorial Day here in the US; thank you to those who have sacrificed and ARE sacrificing for us.


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