Catching up a bit at a time

The summer has surely been flying by and we’ve been up to lots. So, let’s start with vacation – Museum of the Rockies and Yellowstone.

We flew out to Montana in early June.  This was Bug’s first airplane ride that she will remember.

We arrived in Bozeman, MT and had lunch/breakfast at The Cat Eye Cafe – which is now in my top 10 of favorite restaurants ever!  The food was different and  great, the atmosphere was quirky and cute (lots of cats), and every table had a toy drawer!

We went to see ‘Big Al‘ from the Allosaurus film by the BBC, but also got to see ‘Big Mike’ who is a T. rex.

Bi Al at the Museum of the Rockies

Big Mike at Museum of the Rockies

We also visited their ‘living museum’

We went back the next day and visited Big Al again and watched some of the films.  I got to see the DaVinci “machines” exhibit while Dad and Pappaw took Bug to the film.

DaVinci was so creative and talented, it almost made me cry.

Then we headed to Wyoming to get ready for Yellowstone… this was our view along the way.

As for crafting on those days… it wasn’t much.  I took my Dad’s socks, which are finished and received.  I also tried to work on an Annis (rav), but ended up ripping it out.  I had altitude sickness, which was constant nausea, so I didn’t knit much.


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