Steam and stink… Day 1 in Yellowstone :)

So, we spent the next two days in Yellowstone.  Day 1 took us to the southern part of the loop around Yellowstone National Park.

Our first stop was Old Faithful with a short hike around the Geyser Loop.  It is just not the same without the sulfur-y smell that permeated these 2 days!

Old Faithful

This was named heart pool.

Heart pool at Yellowstone Geyser Hike

These are the Lion Geysers – they (3 of them) sound like they growl just before they erupt.

Lion Geysers at Geyser Hike in Yellowstone

This was our next stop – West Thumb Geyser basin which on the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake.

We stopped by the bank of Yellowstone Lake on the way to the Mud Volcano.

This was called Dragon’s breath at the Mud Volcano…

This was one of the “mud volcanoes.”

What a full day!!!


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