Back to our own altitude…

The next day we went to Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.  We took the little train from Virginia City to Nevada City.  Virginia City is more of a touristy town and Nevada City is more the whole-village museum.  It had lots of things to see – some parts were a bit depressing, that is to see some of the old buildings in disrepair.

There were some amazing music-players… in well-kept building, thank goodness.

We got caught in a storm and had to wait  a while to catch the train to return to our vehicle.

Then Bug, Dad, and Pappaw went panning for gold and rubies in a freakishly cold pouring rain.  I stayed in the vehicle and knitted in peace, quiet, and warmth! Little Bug passed out on the way back.

The next day took us back to Bozeman, but not before spotting a moose and a baby moose near the side of the road.  We got lunch at the Cat Eye Cafe (which is AWESOME!) and then dropped off the vehicle at the airport.

The bathroom sign near the top of this photo says “litter boxes”!

Of course, little Bug made a friend at the airport.  This buddy who was traveling to live in Australia.

We arrived home about 4 hours late due to a delayed layover in Denver.

A nice vacation, but we were glad to be home!


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