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Autumn, please come here…

Dear Autumn,

I really look forward to your arrival.  I love your crisp cool days and nights.  Please hurry!  I think Summer may be planning a coup d’etat and trying to take over all the seasons, at least here in TN.  I am making some nice things to give away and wear myself…

See you soon (I hope!)



Jawoll Magic Ball, US 9

Finished, not blocked

Double rose-leaf mitts (a variation on the Merletto mitts, using a lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today)

Knitpicks stroll, US 2

1 done, 1 about 20% done

Merletto Mitts

knitpicks stroll, US 2

done except for thumbs


Misti Alpaca lace

to the nupps row where I will put beads instead of nupps


Trying to get out more

I was raised by the very anti-social parents, so we rarely went anywhere except to visit family.  Granted, my parents have a lot of  brothers and sisters, but still…  I also have this trait, but I am becoming very tired of it.  DH is often gone in the evenings either teaching classes, training for his races, or visiting with his running buddies.  This leaves me alone, or worse, alone with a 5 year old frequently.  So, I am making an effort to get out of the house, even if I have to take a screaming 5 year old in tow.

All three of us went to see Shakespeare in the Park last weekend (Love’s Labor’s Lost).  Bug and I went out to a wine-tasting on Friday night where there was music.

Today, we went to see the Chihuly (glass sculptures) and American Impressionist exhibits at Cheekwood.

I wonder what we’ll get into next weekend? 🙂