New Year’s Ramblings and a smile :)

Well, Christmas and New Year’s Day is done and we’ve put away all the Christmas decorations.  It is sad, but also a bit liberating.  The decorations take up so much space and now that they are away and things from the past year are cleaned up, I feel I can breathe much easier now.

There are a number of things I’d like to work on this year, not exactly resolutions.  I always feel like I am a work in progress – constantly reading books and trying to learn new things.  I read and think and try to change, but I end up the same old person I was before I started because I forget or run out of energy to keep it up.  I sometimes wonder if change is at all possible.  I must have hope that I can because I keep trying.


Some things I’d like to work on this year are: my health (mainly losing weight), my inability to manage my time well, my tendency to take on too much, and my general unkindness to myself.  All of these things are inter-related, I think.  I treat others better and with more respect than I do myself.  I will take some steps I think I can live with.  First, I’ll start by drinking 2 large glasses of water every day this month.  Also, I’ll take 2 hours out of the week to do something for myself.  We’ll see how this turns out as a busy semester gets busier…

Anyway, I think reflection is a very good tool, so I’ve also joined the postaweek2011 move on wordpress.  The topic for today is: write about something that makes you smile.

That would be my lovely daughter, Miss Bug, who thoroughly enjoyed Christmas.  She is so energetic and enthusiastic.  Sometimes it is nice, but it also wears me out!



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