Whirlwind days

Chugging away here—–

MORE THAN mid-way through the 3 week semester…

got some antibiotics for my ‘2 weeks and counting’ cold…

picked up out CSA box several times (Avalon Acres)…

finished my first project in cashmere (Jojoland lace)

and watched our girl graduate from pre-school…

Princess Tea Party and ‘blather’

Bug loves to dress up…





so when I saw a “princess” tea party advertised in Nana and Pappaw T.’s home town, I signed her up.  Paducah has this thing called Paducah iList that is an email of all the happenings in Paducah each week.  I wish we had one for Murfreesboro.  Princess Bug went to the “Princess” tea party with her Nana T. We went to Paducah especially for it. It was a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Bug had a great time and wore herself out.


I’ve been trodging along working on bits and pieces of things. I finished the knitting part of the gradient scarf and just need to find the right masculine button for it (DH claimed it). I’m waiting to take pictures until it is done. The afgans are still in progress and being worked on, as well as the socks.

Spring and gardening are pulling at my mind.


I’ve been thinking of ordering a fig tree and some blueberry bushes for our yard. DH loves brown turkey figs and they will grow here. I signed us up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) at the Avalon Acres Farms. We will be getting a 1/2 share of veggies and a meat/eggs portion each Wednesday starting in May.

School is hectic with the last push of things (research posters and class research projects, etc) with which to deal. With the nice weather, I’ve been walking outside instead of going to the gym. Now, if it will only stop raining and flooding our yard….

Catching up

I’ve been finishing up lots of things this past week.

The Lady Gray Scarf from the Luxury One skein wonders book


Yarn: ecolana from AslanTrends

Color: natural gray

Hook: G

Mods: did 10 repeats of the square because there wasn’t enough to do 11 repeats, crocheted the squares together using the chain stitch areas of the last rows of each square

Comments: nice yarn to work with, but a bit scratchy on my neck – nice and easy pattern

More fetching …


Yarn: Classic alpaca

color: black

Needles: US6

Mods: none this time, pattern is perfect as is…

Blue Beret (One day beret from Between the Loops)


Yarn: malabrigo

Color: agua

Mods: did a lot more stockinette and reduced 1+ more inches at ribbing and went down 2 US needle sizes for ribbing

Comments: wonderful yarn and easy pattern

Right now, I’m still working on the poinelle socks, MIL clogs. I’m also going to start a market bag in some yarn I won in a contest.

Other than that, we are still chugging along – waiting to hear about the next round of budget cuts. Bug is getting bigger by the minute… and loves to dress up.


Ambling along

School has started and the cold has let up a bit, but it supposed to be back tonight. I have had a fierce need to make stuff, WARM stuff…


FO: Emerald Hug

A scarf for my Grandma (a knitted, fuzzy green hug)


Yarn: Riot eyelash from Yarn Bee, color seamist

Pattern: simple garter stitch, CO 15 with US 10

FO: The John Deere clogs for MY Dear Dad





Yarn: Lopi Lite, every bit of 6 balls (4 green and 2 yellow) for Men’s medium

Pattern: the brilliant FiberTrends felted clogs!

WIP: Blue Beret


Yarn: malabrigo, mmmmm

Pattern: One Day Beret by Through the Loops

WIP: Pinkie Clogs for MIL


Yarn: Regular Lopi, pink and gray

Pattern: Yes, more clogs!


DH wants to eat more vegetarian dishes (not so much meat), so I am obliging. I used to eat very little meat – especially in graduate school. So, besides another batch of yummy biscotti (not as good with peanuts as pecans), I made onion soup this week from the Moosewood Cookbook – yum! We’re going to try a butternut squash/quinoa dish DH found, and perhaps a frittata or risotto (from the Splendid Table) this coming week.


I am also enjoying the flurry of podcasts that have picked up after the holiday breaks. I am especially enjoying Cogknitive, Stash and Burn, and StitchIt. I seem to be dealing a bit better with the winter blues so far this winter. I have been exercising more and that seems to help. However, I haven’t talked to my family much – I generally do that when I am starting to feel sad. So, I am looking forward to Dr. Gemma’s strategies (cogknitive) for fighting back those winter blahs/blues.

Little Bug has been behaving somewhat better these past few days, so I feel a bit more at ease.

Here are all of our “winter” flowers: Daisy, Iris, Lily and Bug (she has a flower name, too).

Happy New Year

In keeping with last year, I wanted to reflect on the things I’ve done for the first time or learned this past year.

So much…

We’ve had a whirlwind of activity here…

Bug had a Christmas program at school.


We had a good Christmas and Bug got to spend lots of time with her Pappaw T.



I finished a few things (I’ll add details later):

a pair of fetching with an added ‘pointelle’ lace pattern from the vogue Stitchionary in silk/alpaca


and a pair of clogs for FIL


I’m glad to be back home – whew!

Finishing frenzy

The big orange hunting socks are finally finished.  These took quite a long time to knit compare to the others lately.  First they are bigger socks and longer socks and the pattern repeats are on every round – whew!

First modeled by Miss Bug…


Then by DH.  His father is the recipient.





Yarn: Trekking XXL, used most of one skein

Color: mostly orange

Needle: US 2 (knit picks, used magic loop, one at at time)

Pattern: Made it up

Inspiration: Hedgerow socks and fetching

Size: Men’s size 10-11 wide

I also knit up a pair of mittens for me!



Yarn: Manos de Uruguay, used about 2/3 of a skein

Needle: US 9, magic loop, ‘toe-up’

Pattern: plain, kind of made up, numbers based on Ann Budd’s book of patterns

I also sewed up my sister’s clogs (fiber-trends) and will felt them over Thanksgiving.  She has tiny feet, so I wanted to do it when I have her foot around for measurement purposes.  I also am working on a pair of fingerless mitts for my friend’s husband.  I just taught her to knit yesterday.  Pictures later…

Otherwise, things are ticking along here.

Bug had her Thanksgiving program at ‘school’ in which the kids sang.  She is wearing orange.


She was actually on good behavior this year – no crying like last year.  And she even ate some of the lunch!  Since Thanksgiving is so late this year and Bug is very much in the holiday spirit, we also made ornaments


and put up our Christmas tree this weekend.



We are hoping to avoid so much materialism with her.  She seems to want everything she sees.  So, we devised this plan – she gets to cut out pictures of things she wants and glue them to a special block of construction paper we keep on the freezer with Santa’s picture on it.  Then Santa will choose one thing to bring her.  We will get here something and her grandparents will too, but maybe it won’t be so overwhelming…?

I have only one more lecture and two more classes in this semester – one course was double the time each week (to allow for travel) and ended at mid-semester.  However, there is ‘no rest for the wicked’ – as soon as classes are finished, I have to report for US district jury duty for the remainder of December… BIG FUN!