Happy New Year

In keeping with last year, I wanted to reflect on the things I’ve done for the first time or learned this past year.


Lot of miscellany

A lot of things have been accomplished since the last post – little knitting or crochet, but lots of other stuff.¬† Bug got a haircut…

We went to a ‘water’ birthday party…¬† The birthday boy (6) was the recipient of the crocheted Katamari.

We went boating for Memorial Day…

We made a chocolate cheesecake for a certain little girl’s birthday …

We danced in a hafla…

and had a birthday cookout with some family and friends for our little Bug’s 3rd birthday (officially it is Tuesday, though).

Oh, and I finished up the 3 week course and turned in grades!!! Wahooooooo!

Someone’s in the kitchen….

Baking has always been a comforting activity, and now Bug is sharing this with me…

Chocolate cheesecake for Bug’s babysitter (this is the best cheesecake recipe!, I found it more than 15 years ago)

Bug and cheesecake


chocolate chip cookies for Leap Day…

Bug and cookies


I’ve also been finishing a few things and making progress on others….

Bug’s socks on the recipient…

bug socks

Maizy socks for DH (sock 1) Queen Kahuna’s Crazy Toes and Heels

corn socks

nearly complete Fetching out of alapaca that was overdyed red (from an alpaca farmer)

red alpaca fetching

We’ve been going to the Discovery Center to visit “spotted dog” quite a bit and dancing, too.

Bug and Pongo

dancing Bug

I’ve also been listening to/downloading lots of new podcasts: Arlene Tats and Knits (very good) and Diva Knitting (very good). I haven’t yet gotten to Faery Knitting, Z knits, Knitting Rose, or Y Knit. I’ve been feeling itchiness to crochet something, too…

I hope spring comes soon, it was excrutiatingly cold in my office today.

A lot of anxiety…

I’m still here.¬† I’ve been working on my lace scarf and have managed to mess it up.¬† I don’t have a life-line anywhere near, so I’m stalled/frightened/angry about ripping out and worried I will not be able to get the correct rows and loops back on the needles.

Here is Bug’s new hat – a simple one from Ann Budd’s “Everything” Pattern book in Rio de la Platos.

Bug’s hat

I’ve been feeling very frumpy/unattractive/sad here lately.¬† I’ve been wearing clothes that don’t really fit because I can’t stand anything that is fitted.¬† Also, I really only wear about 3 pairs of pants and 5-6 shirts.¬† So, I packed up about 5 garbage bags of clothes that I no longer wear to give to Goodwill and vowed to find something that fit.¬† I bought a few things that do fit (and are actually comfortable) that were on sale this weekend at Kohl’s and New York and Company.

I danced with the new group (Gypsy Sistars) at the hafla on Saturday at the Bohemian Sanctuary.¬† Bug didn’t get to go because she was feeling bad.¬† It was fun.¬† There were some really nice dances.

Gypsy Sistars 021608

Again, still alive

January is difficult for me. I feel so tired. I’m still knitting on Bug’s socks (second one now) and the Elizabeth lace scarf. The new computer is doing well except I think Bug messed up the ‘o’ key as it looks a little off kilter and doesn’t seem to work much. Ok, just fixed it. I only have one complaint to far – the touch pad is extremely insensitive even when the sensitivity is turned all the way up. We didn’t have classes today, so Bug and I just hung around, went to the park (bundled up well) and the bookstore (to play with the trains). I bought a book called “No More Mondays” in the hopes of fighting this burnt-out feeling. I danced with the Gypsy Sistars at a hafla in Nashville on Saturday evening. The CD player was skipping really bad, so it wasn’t that great.


This was my first performance since Bug was born. My other group kind of abandoned me when she was born – they didn’t even come to see me/her at the hospital or after. They only came by once when they needed to borrow something.

Thanksgiving already?

Time seems to be passing so quickly.  I can hardly believe it is nearly Thanksgiving.  We will be traveling to Ohio this week to visit Nana and Pappaw S.  My sister and her family will be in from Virginia, as well.  My brother and his family only live 5 minutes from my parents, so we will all be together.  I really do miss having any family close.

In crafty news, I have nearly finished the second pair of clogs.  This pair is for my SP11.  Only the sewing the soles up and felting are left to do.

SP11 clogs

I was very surprised at how long it has taken for my mom’s pair to dry following the felting.¬† I bought some blue yarn to start a pair for DH.¬† I know he will like them and I’m going to try and get them done over Thanksgiving break.

Bug’s attitude has been better this week.¬† We had to step up the discipline.¬† Here are some of the good times….

bellydancing Bug

bellydancing bug

sleeping Bug


Bug’s penguin cookie


Have a great Holiday!

Ravelry invite and other ramblings

I finally got my Ravelry invite!¬† I am BeckleSpeckle on there, but haven’t prepared at all.¬† I kept checking for when the invite would come, but have not taken any pix of future project yarn.¬† I don’t “think” there is that much, but alas, I usually underestimate ūüôā

Well, I tried to do the 2 socks on 1 circular, but have really dreaded knitting them.¬† So, I ripped out one sock and am only continuing with a single sock.¬† It is much less stressful… ahhhhhahhhh (sigh of relief).

I need to finish sewing the zipper into the Tunisian and shells wristlet for the Summer Purse Kal-Cal, which ends in a few days (9/2)- been dreading it for WEEKS now.  I know, just suck it up and get it done!

Bug and I are doing better these last few days.¬† The heat finally kicked down a notch and let us play outside this evening before going to dance class.¬† Our hafla-recital type thing will be on Sept 21.¬† I’ll post some pix if I can get anyone (DH) to come.¬† He doesn’t go to “recitals.”

The first week of school is more than half over and I’ve met all my classes at least once now.¬† Whew!¬† The “getting started” stuff is stressful on this introvert!

I haven’t taken many pictures this week, so I’ll post these “old” ones of Bug (just a few hours old with and without hat).

a brand new Bug dsc00915.jpg