2010 accomplishments

Looking back over the last year I’ve accomplished a few new things, but not nearly as many as 2009.

First, I rode 65 miles in a row on my bike for my birthday.

I also rode 75 miles in one week (in preparation for the big birthday ride).  DH wants to do the 100 mile ride next year.

We visited several dinosaur museums/exhibits. This is the Museum of the Rockies.

We also saw some amazing sites out west (Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Upper Terraces).

I didn’t do much new in knitting, but I did make an amigarumi for Little Bug and some crochet French Press Slippers.

I did make a few new things in the kitchen, like the chocolate bark from Emeril.

Even though it isn’t new to me, I made several different kinds of biscuits, too.

Finally, I did make a little Bat… 🙂


Concentration and a little adventure

I thought I’d try to post a little more.  Mostly, I am a photo-inspired blogger, so I’m participating in the post-a-week “thing” at wordpress.  One of the topics for yesterday was about concentration.  I can be very focused and actually work better that way.  Multi-tasking dilutes my concentration and I am especially distracted by sound.  So, when I want to concentrate, I try to remove all distractions, particularly noise.   I can focus intensely some times to the point of ignoring all the distractions, but that is not the best.

In other things… Classes don’t start back here until Jan 13, so I’ve been working at school in the mornings and then playing hooky in the afternoons. Syllabi are mostly done and I’m working on writing up new projects and revising lectures.  I’m back to working on my blue malabrigo scarf (one row scarf) and am done.

I finished Bug’s pink kitty (crochet, variation on the reindeer pattern).

We also went to high tea at the Savannah Tea Company in Nashville.  It was delicious.  I had mountain huckleberry black tea and DH had rhubarb-strawberry black tea.  We bought some red currant to take home.

Today was a snow day (and tomorrow is, too), so I made chili and peanut butter gelato (variation on Mario Batali’s Vanilla gelato recipe).

Fair 2010 – behold the Great Pumpkin!

The Brown County fair this year brought some GIGANTIC pumpkins!  The winner was 654 pounds!

Usually we take little Bug’s picture on the largest pumpkin, but they had them fenced off this year 😦

The recycled art was again a favorite of mine.

the pepsi can dress won big…

but my personal favorite was the John Deere tractor made from soda cans.

The lady bug was also cute!

As always there were canned items,

a multitude of various cakes (note the giant cake pops at the left),

and a large variety of fruits and vegetables,

along with animals.

This year little Bug was big enough to ride the rides with Dad.

There was also a high representation of crochet with some knitting.  The thread crochet is definitely dwindling… 😦

And of course, the fair would not be complete without a fresh pork tenderloin with the family (here, my Dad).

Hamburgers from scratch

The Bug and I helped Uncle G make hamburgers from scratch (grind meat, bake buns, make ketchup, relish, and mustard) as inspired by an article in Gourmet magazine.  They were very good, especially those that were more coursely ground.


I’ve also made a few dishcloths…





This last one didn’t handle the ‘up-sizing’ as well as the other blocks.

I’ve also made progress on the lace scarf (a la MeghanJasmin‘s Lace Throwdown)…no pix just yet.

The blackberries are going full-ahead, so we also made blackberry crisp using this recipe from Alton Brown.  I made a double batch in a 9×13 pan and just used all the ‘crumble’ part.  We used gingersnaps for the cookies.  It was yummy!

Catching up

I’ve been finishing up lots of things this past week.

The Lady Gray Scarf from the Luxury One skein wonders book


Yarn: ecolana from AslanTrends

Color: natural gray

Hook: G

Mods: did 10 repeats of the square because there wasn’t enough to do 11 repeats, crocheted the squares together using the chain stitch areas of the last rows of each square

Comments: nice yarn to work with, but a bit scratchy on my neck – nice and easy pattern

More fetching …


Yarn: Classic alpaca

color: black

Needles: US6

Mods: none this time, pattern is perfect as is…

Blue Beret (One day beret from Between the Loops)


Yarn: malabrigo

Color: agua

Mods: did a lot more stockinette and reduced 1+ more inches at ribbing and went down 2 US needle sizes for ribbing

Comments: wonderful yarn and easy pattern

Right now, I’m still working on the poinelle socks, MIL clogs. I’m also going to start a market bag in some yarn I won in a contest.

Other than that, we are still chugging along – waiting to hear about the next round of budget cuts. Bug is getting bigger by the minute… and loves to dress up.



We’ve been very busy this week – 5 “weeks” of a course jammed into 5 days of class. A whirlwind to say the least, but we’re surviving. I remind myself each year that I taught this course one time while 9 months pregnant with a sprained ankle (I can do ANYTHING!). Bug was born the day of the final exam for this course nearly 3 years ago now… I can’t believe it. Time has certainly flown…

Someone recently asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said cheesecake – we have made several of these in the last few months for other people. She likes to hold the eggs and eat some of the chocolate chips.

In the last few days she has added that she wants presents – I asked her ‘what’ presents. Her answer: blue presents. 🙂

We’ve made some progress on all fronts – the garden is enjoying the rain, but aches for some seasonably warmer weather than we’ve been having. I’ve made progress on three projects: the stained glass crochet scarf

and the corn socks for DH

but messed up the lattice scarf and had to rip back past the “progress” I had made.

I like Lixie’s slogan for these days… Keep calm and carry on…

Moving along

We’ve been doing more outside stuff since it is daylight longer here and relatively warmer.

Bug in the swing

Bug in the rain

I’ve been working on the corn socks for DH (Maizy) and the crochet scarf (simple double crochet, but with laceweight Alpaca/silk  Simmer from Knitpicks) and baking things.

corn socks (sock 1)

Baking is very soothing for me and I manage fairly well with finding things Bug can do in the process – helping measure things and add things from packages.  Tonight we made oatmeal-chocolate chip-pecan cookies.  I was trying to make a “cowboy” cookie like Kirchoff’s Bakery in Paducah.  I started with an oatmeal cookie recipe (quaker oat box), but I think I need to start with a chocolate chip cookie recipe to get the correct texture.  They are good regardless, though.