Mid-week rambling…

I’ve made past mid-week, class-wise. I tried to dye some yarn for my SP 11. One skein came out really cool, but the other looks weird. I think it is the yarn itself as the last skein of this I used I wasn’t terribly happy about either. It is a heavy weight all wool. The colors are just not rich and deep, they are more sherbet colors. I’ll take some pics when I’m able to get home (and have a spare moment) before dark. I also finished the green malagaiter (again pics will come soon). I also just received an email that the Hill Country Yarns sock club first shipment has shipped. This is my first adventure into sock clubs and will be interested to see how it goes. I like that they only send 1 shipment every other month, as I am not fast enough to do a pair a month.

I gotta get up early, so bye for now.


How to bathe a platypus

Our daughter’s beloved toy is a stuffed platypus named Pa. He used to be a toy at her daycare, which she found just as she was starting to crawl. The first thing she would do upon arriving was to seek out her “Pa” among a pile of stuffed animals. The teachers finally told us about this and gave us our first Pa. Since then we have acquired two more just like it, one smaller purple one and two tiny ones. I also made two – one was her Halloween costume last year which I stuffed and sewed up (She got “Big Pa” for Christmas) and the other was made from some brown corduroys that were worn out (“Brown Pa”).

Bug as Pa

Anyway, on to how to give a platypus a bath.

1. Round up all Pas from cats, cars, babies, house, and yard.

Lily and Pa

2. Place Pas in washing machine with detergent and good smelling fabric softener.

3. Check on Pas every 3 minutes (Bug’s addition to the steps of bathing).

4. Pin Pas to hangers and dry outside.

Drying Pas

Note: two Pas are MIA (one regular green and one “baby” Pa)

On to some crafting…

The giant socks are done except for weaving in the ends!

socks, pair 1

They were done in Opal on size 3 needles. They used 108g of yarn! There is only 38g left. How does that add up to 150g?
As my Ipod case holder from Iskin just broke today, I cast on an Ipod holder with my hand-dyed sunset yarn. I was already going to do this, but now it is a rush.

ipod holder