On a roll, into December

Repeats, that is what has been happening around here lately.

Knitting of many hats for soldiers (classic watch cap)

Baking of many biscuits…

Parmesean cheese biscuits

buttermilk wheat biscuits

Visiting of several local and ‘on the way’ wineries…

Silliness of a little Bug, who is doing well in kindergarten, is learning to read, and has a knack for carving even sillier pumpkins…

How did it get to be the last of November already?


Fair 2010 – behold the Great Pumpkin!

The Brown County fair this year brought some GIGANTIC pumpkins!  The winner was 654 pounds!

Usually we take little Bug’s picture on the largest pumpkin, but they had them fenced off this year 😦

The recycled art was again a favorite of mine.

the pepsi can dress won big…

but my personal favorite was the John Deere tractor made from soda cans.

The lady bug was also cute!

As always there were canned items,

a multitude of various cakes (note the giant cake pops at the left),

and a large variety of fruits and vegetables,

along with animals.

This year little Bug was big enough to ride the rides with Dad.

There was also a high representation of crochet with some knitting.  The thread crochet is definitely dwindling… 😦

And of course, the fair would not be complete without a fresh pork tenderloin with the family (here, my Dad).

Trying to get out more

I was raised by the very anti-social parents, so we rarely went anywhere except to visit family.  Granted, my parents have a lot of  brothers and sisters, but still…  I also have this trait, but I am becoming very tired of it.  DH is often gone in the evenings either teaching classes, training for his races, or visiting with his running buddies.  This leaves me alone, or worse, alone with a 5 year old frequently.  So, I am making an effort to get out of the house, even if I have to take a screaming 5 year old in tow.

All three of us went to see Shakespeare in the Park last weekend (Love’s Labor’s Lost).  Bug and I went out to a wine-tasting on Friday night where there was music.

Today, we went to see the Chihuly (glass sculptures) and American Impressionist exhibits at Cheekwood.

I wonder what we’ll get into next weekend? 🙂

Whirlwind days

Chugging away here—–

MORE THAN mid-way through the 3 week semester…

got some antibiotics for my ‘2 weeks and counting’ cold…

picked up out CSA box several times (Avalon Acres)…

finished my first project in cashmere (Jojoland lace)

and watched our girl graduate from pre-school…

Hamburgers from scratch

The Bug and I helped Uncle G make hamburgers from scratch (grind meat, bake buns, make ketchup, relish, and mustard) as inspired by an article in Gourmet magazine.  They were very good, especially those that were more coursely ground.


I’ve also made a few dishcloths…





This last one didn’t handle the ‘up-sizing’ as well as the other blocks.

I’ve also made progress on the lace scarf (a la MeghanJasmin‘s Lace Throwdown)…no pix just yet.

The blackberries are going full-ahead, so we also made blackberry crisp using this recipe from Alton Brown.  I made a double batch in a 9×13 pan and just used all the ‘crumble’ part.  We used gingersnaps for the cookies.  It was yummy!


We survived vacation in North Carolina and returned safely on Sunday.  The first evening (Sunday) was spent unpacking and getting settled.  We used Monday to go to the store and then took the kids to do some ‘gem mining’ and putt-putt golf just to get them out of the house and moving around.



On Tuesday we headed to Cherokee, NC.  We stopped in the visitor center there, which is a great location on the water and is staffed with very friendly, helpful people.


We went gem mining again and found the Oconaluftee Islands Park to have our picnic …


the Fun Factory to appease both small and big kids (but when can you appease a teenager? – tell me…!)



On Wednesday, we went horseback riding and then visited the water park area in Cherokee (near the Cherokee Coney and Cream Ice Cream Shop – mmMMMmmm!)  The horseback riding was very traumatic and Bug screamed and screamed, so they took us back while the others continued on…


Thursday took us to Asheville.  Everyone went to visit the antique car museum/sculpture garden, but then we split up.  Bug and I went to the North Carolina Arboretum to see the bonsai and quilt gardens.  Everyone else went to the Biltmore.  I’d been there and never care to go back.  They now agree with me (told you so!)






Enough for now… 🙂

Princess Tea Party and ‘blather’

Bug loves to dress up…





so when I saw a “princess” tea party advertised in Nana and Pappaw T.’s home town, I signed her up.  Paducah has this thing called Paducah iList that is an email of all the happenings in Paducah each week.  I wish we had one for Murfreesboro.  Princess Bug went to the “Princess” tea party with her Nana T. We went to Paducah especially for it. It was a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Bug had a great time and wore herself out.


I’ve been trodging along working on bits and pieces of things. I finished the knitting part of the gradient scarf and just need to find the right masculine button for it (DH claimed it). I’m waiting to take pictures until it is done. The afgans are still in progress and being worked on, as well as the socks.

Spring and gardening are pulling at my mind.


I’ve been thinking of ordering a fig tree and some blueberry bushes for our yard. DH loves brown turkey figs and they will grow here. I signed us up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) at the Avalon Acres Farms. We will be getting a 1/2 share of veggies and a meat/eggs portion each Wednesday starting in May.

School is hectic with the last push of things (research posters and class research projects, etc) with which to deal. With the nice weather, I’ve been walking outside instead of going to the gym. Now, if it will only stop raining and flooding our yard….