Concentration and a little adventure

I thought I’d try to post a little more.  Mostly, I am a photo-inspired blogger, so I’m participating in the post-a-week “thing” at wordpress.  One of the topics for yesterday was about concentration.  I can be very focused and actually work better that way.  Multi-tasking dilutes my concentration and I am especially distracted by sound.  So, when I want to concentrate, I try to remove all distractions, particularly noise.   I can focus intensely some times to the point of ignoring all the distractions, but that is not the best.

In other things… Classes don’t start back here until Jan 13, so I’ve been working at school in the mornings and then playing hooky in the afternoons. Syllabi are mostly done and I’m working on writing up new projects and revising lectures.  I’m back to working on my blue malabrigo scarf (one row scarf) and am done.

I finished Bug’s pink kitty (crochet, variation on the reindeer pattern).

We also went to high tea at the Savannah Tea Company in Nashville.  It was delicious.  I had mountain huckleberry black tea and DH had rhubarb-strawberry black tea.  We bought some red currant to take home.

Today was a snow day (and tomorrow is, too), so I made chili and peanut butter gelato (variation on Mario Batali’s Vanilla gelato recipe).


On a roll, into December

Repeats, that is what has been happening around here lately.

Knitting of many hats for soldiers (classic watch cap)

Baking of many biscuits…

Parmesean cheese biscuits

buttermilk wheat biscuits

Visiting of several local and ‘on the way’ wineries…

Silliness of a little Bug, who is doing well in kindergarten, is learning to read, and has a knack for carving even sillier pumpkins…

How did it get to be the last of November already?

Fair 2010 – behold the Great Pumpkin!

The Brown County fair this year brought some GIGANTIC pumpkins!  The winner was 654 pounds!

Usually we take little Bug’s picture on the largest pumpkin, but they had them fenced off this year 😦

The recycled art was again a favorite of mine.

the pepsi can dress won big…

but my personal favorite was the John Deere tractor made from soda cans.

The lady bug was also cute!

As always there were canned items,

a multitude of various cakes (note the giant cake pops at the left),

and a large variety of fruits and vegetables,

along with animals.

This year little Bug was big enough to ride the rides with Dad.

There was also a high representation of crochet with some knitting.  The thread crochet is definitely dwindling… 😦

And of course, the fair would not be complete without a fresh pork tenderloin with the family (here, my Dad).

Catching up a bit at a time

The summer has surely been flying by and we’ve been up to lots. So, let’s start with vacation – Museum of the Rockies and Yellowstone.

We flew out to Montana in early June.  This was Bug’s first airplane ride that she will remember.

We arrived in Bozeman, MT and had lunch/breakfast at The Cat Eye Cafe – which is now in my top 10 of favorite restaurants ever!  The food was different and  great, the atmosphere was quirky and cute (lots of cats), and every table had a toy drawer!

We went to see ‘Big Al‘ from the Allosaurus film by the BBC, but also got to see ‘Big Mike’ who is a T. rex.

Bi Al at the Museum of the Rockies

Big Mike at Museum of the Rockies

We also visited their ‘living museum’

We went back the next day and visited Big Al again and watched some of the films.  I got to see the DaVinci “machines” exhibit while Dad and Pappaw took Bug to the film.

DaVinci was so creative and talented, it almost made me cry.

Then we headed to Wyoming to get ready for Yellowstone… this was our view along the way.

As for crafting on those days… it wasn’t much.  I took my Dad’s socks, which are finished and received.  I also tried to work on an Annis (rav), but ended up ripping it out.  I had altitude sickness, which was constant nausea, so I didn’t knit much.

Whirlwind days

Chugging away here—–

MORE THAN mid-way through the 3 week semester…

got some antibiotics for my ‘2 weeks and counting’ cold…

picked up out CSA box several times (Avalon Acres)…

finished my first project in cashmere (Jojoland lace)

and watched our girl graduate from pre-school…

The goings-on…

Lots of working going on around here, so there is little of most everything else.  I did try a few new recipes – the winners of the bunch were Grilled turkey with apple chutney and candied garlic green beans.  DH picked up the recipe card from Publix – where he tasted the dishes.  It is a hit in my book.  I changed the apple drink to apple cider, actually grilled the turkey loin (not pan seared),  and used more green beans than were called for.   I think we’ll even make this over the holiday.

As for crafting, I’ve been working on a small shawl that I learned about from Manic Purl’s podcast: Multnomah.  I’m doing mine in Malabrigo sock and will do more repeats to use up the yarn.  The pattern calls for 10 repeats, but I’ll probably have enough to do 12 or 13 (on 11 right now).

Miss Bug enjoyed her first venture into trick-or-treating.  It was the first time she has been able to stay awake until dark on the actual day.  She was a ferocious black cat.


Dad took her to the pumpkin patch for school, but she has become terrified of the wagon or the ride or something.  She cried on the wagon, but managed to pick out a pumpkin.


We’ve been enjoying the outside…




Things are the same here – work, cook, sleep, etc, etc.

The butternut squash soup from the Sheepish Little Blog (Knitscape) has been THE SOUP for a few weeks now – sad to see they are giving it up.

Pumpkin Cheesecake and Banana Cheesecake were some of the cheesecake experiments here – both were a bit mushy, but good.  Both were based on the “Mary’s outstanding chocolate cheesecake” without the chocolate.  For the pumpkin I added 1 cup of fresh pumpkin and 2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and used half brown sugar instead of all white sugar.  The banana one had one ripe banana that was pulverized in the blender with the sugar.  I also put a little cinnamon in the topping (a la bananas foster)

Both pairs of slippers have been felted and sent to their new owners. Spring Green Ice Queen is finished…



Little Monkey is growing up…