Spring is here, I hope…

The daffodils are blooming and some of the flowering cherries are, too!  There is daylight to play in after we get home from work/school and grill in for dinner!  I trimmed the blackberry thicket while the pork chops were on the grill.  I also came home from spring break to find a wonderful surprise from my pal from SP11 (Barbara of Coffee Yarn).  She sent me some “bare” yarn and some brown dye even though SP11 is long over.  I had mentioned that I wanted to dye some brown and actually had found her blog when I was looking for “dyeing with coffee” instructions.  She is such a thoughtful person!

The last week has been full of adventure… we visited Nana and Pappaw S in Ohio.  We went to the aquarium in Newport, KY (near Cincinnati) and came home to snow here in TN. Bug threw snowballs at me for an hour on Saturday morning – the snow was nearly gone by Saturday afternoon.

Bug and the turtles

Bug throws snowballs at Mama

I finished the second pair of alpaca fetching fingerless gloves and gave them to my mom – sorry, no picture of the finished item.  They turned out nice. I made them a bit longer by adding an extra cable repeat and a longer thumb.


My SP is the best SP ever!

Bug and I arrived home to find a giant box at the door.  It had been a long day of work, then errands.

This box was sent by my SP11 pal, author of Coffee Yarn.   I actually already read her blog, which I stumbled upon because I was interested in dyeing yarn with coffee.  She is the best pal ever.  She sent so many wonderful things.

A beautiful box


filled with lots of thoughtful goodies including:


a woven scarf, a knitted bookmark,  2 patterns (one toddler skirt and one vest), yarn (dreamsicle cotton and blue-green mohair blend), espresso-infused dark chocolate, a sock blocker key ring (with tiny pattern) , bath salts, post-it notes, paints and detangler for Bug.   I know it may sound strange, but I don’t have many hand-made items.  I give them all away and rarely make anything for me.  It is very special to have someone make something for me.


To top it all off, she made this beautiful card!  What a thoughtful person she is!!!!  I’m not sure that I should even join SP again because I’m sure that no other pal could live up to her… 🙂  Thank you so much!

Bug enjoyed every bit of opening the box, opening the presents inside, and playing in the peanuts inside….

bug in box

She got very upset when we finally cleaned them up and she couldn’t play in them anymore.

bug upset

In other news, I finished my socks.  The ends need woven in and washed.

socks, pair 2

Also, I made Sheri’s Truffle Cake for work except I used pomegranate seeds instead of raspberries for decoration.  It was a big hit!

truffle cake

Crafty update

I finished the clogs for my sp11. This is her last package since SP11 ends on Friday.

before felting SP11 clogs

after felting SP11 clogs

I made some significant progress on DH’s clogs – the second sole and cuff are left besides the felting. His are the men’s medium for an extra wide foot.

DH clogs

Thanksgiving already?

Time seems to be passing so quickly.  I can hardly believe it is nearly Thanksgiving.  We will be traveling to Ohio this week to visit Nana and Pappaw S.  My sister and her family will be in from Virginia, as well.  My brother and his family only live 5 minutes from my parents, so we will all be together.  I really do miss having any family close.

In crafty news, I have nearly finished the second pair of clogs.  This pair is for my SP11.  Only the sewing the soles up and felting are left to do.

SP11 clogs

I was very surprised at how long it has taken for my mom’s pair to dry following the felting.  I bought some blue yarn to start a pair for DH.  I know he will like them and I’m going to try and get them done over Thanksgiving break.

Bug’s attitude has been better this week.  We had to step up the discipline.  Here are some of the good times….

bellydancing Bug

bellydancing bug

sleeping Bug


Bug’s penguin cookie


Have a great Holiday!

My great-grandmother’s legacy

Another SP11 contest brings this topic up.

What was the first thing I knit (or crocheted)?  My mom taught me how to do chains when I was small, but I really learned to crochet from my great-grandmother (Elizabeth) just after I learned to drive.  My sister and I had a standing appointment on Thursdays to go visit and learn.  She started us on a lace edging.

Becky’s first lace

We learned how to read the crocheted item itself to replicate the item.  Later on I learned how to read patterns, and just now am learning how to read diagrams.  Anyway, she died only about 10 years ago.  My family has always been close (literally and emotionally) and long-lived.  I miss my great-grandparents still.  They were spunky!

My sister and I are the only ones who crochet in this whole extended family, so naturally we got her projects and her hooks, needles, and shuttles.  In looking for my first project, I re-found this… her unfinished project.

Mammaw J’s bedspread

Mammaw J’s bedspread block

It was to be a very large bedspread – currently measuring about 10 feet across and 4 1/2 feet wide.  She had 3 blocks finished but not added and two more nearly done.  There is also a bag of crochet cotton.  I feel both blessed and sad to have it.  I’m glad to come from such handy and talented folks, but I am sad that my daughter will not be as close to her grandparents because we live so far away.

I have the best SP ever!

My wonderful secret pal sent me a package of oh so terrific goodies!Before BEFORE


surprise SURPRISE!

She knitted me an illusion washcloth!!!! Do you see the candy corn, do ya, do ya? Ha ha ha ha!

There was a tremendous lot of stuff in there besides the washcloth:

caramel tootsie pops, chocolate bar, chocolate covered espresso beans, a Moosewood cookbook, a  little white board, vanilla hand lotion, vanilla body bath, vanilla body lotion, and vanilla foaming wash, Dora cookies and 2 pairs of halloween socks for Bug…

Bug’s halloween socks (kitty)

I really do have a tremendously thoughtful secret pal!  Thanks again!

I’ve been gathering up stuff for my pal, so I’d better get it in the box and send it out.

Stash photo and “baby cow”

For SP11 we have to put up a picture of our stash.

You’ll see three totes in the “Stash Collage.” One has yarn and completed projects, one has only yarn, and the big blue tote at the right has doily crochet cotton and my prototypes.

The last photo (bottom left) is a box containing a pitiful UFO that I may not finish. I like the project, I like the idea of the project, but it is icky scratchy yarn. It was meant to be an afghan for my mom. It has been years since I touched it. Maybe I should start out with some soft yarn…

stash collage

In funnier happenings… we saw lots of cows at the fair and saw a small black and white Holstein-like dog that she called a “baby cow.” ha ha ha ha ha!

baby cow