Fair 2010 – behold the Great Pumpkin!

The Brown County fair this year brought some GIGANTIC pumpkins!  The winner was 654 pounds!

Usually we take little Bug’s picture on the largest pumpkin, but they had them fenced off this year 😦

The recycled art was again a favorite of mine.

the pepsi can dress won big…

but my personal favorite was the John Deere tractor made from soda cans.

The lady bug was also cute!

As always there were canned items,

a multitude of various cakes (note the giant cake pops at the left),

and a large variety of fruits and vegetables,

along with animals.

This year little Bug was big enough to ride the rides with Dad.

There was also a high representation of crochet with some knitting.  The thread crochet is definitely dwindling… 😦

And of course, the fair would not be complete without a fresh pork tenderloin with the family (here, my Dad).


Trying to get out more

I was raised by the very anti-social parents, so we rarely went anywhere except to visit family.  Granted, my parents have a lot of  brothers and sisters, but still…  I also have this trait, but I am becoming very tired of it.  DH is often gone in the evenings either teaching classes, training for his races, or visiting with his running buddies.  This leaves me alone, or worse, alone with a 5 year old frequently.  So, I am making an effort to get out of the house, even if I have to take a screaming 5 year old in tow.

All three of us went to see Shakespeare in the Park last weekend (Love’s Labor’s Lost).  Bug and I went out to a wine-tasting on Friday night where there was music.

Today, we went to see the Chihuly (glass sculptures) and American Impressionist exhibits at Cheekwood.

I wonder what we’ll get into next weekend? 🙂

Back to our own altitude…

The next day we went to Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.  We took the little train from Virginia City to Nevada City.  Virginia City is more of a touristy town and Nevada City is more the whole-village museum.  It had lots of things to see – some parts were a bit depressing, that is to see some of the old buildings in disrepair.

There were some amazing music-players… in well-kept building, thank goodness.

We got caught in a storm and had to wait  a while to catch the train to return to our vehicle.

Then Bug, Dad, and Pappaw went panning for gold and rubies in a freakishly cold pouring rain.  I stayed in the vehicle and knitted in peace, quiet, and warmth! Little Bug passed out on the way back.

The next day took us back to Bozeman, but not before spotting a moose and a baby moose near the side of the road.  We got lunch at the Cat Eye Cafe (which is AWESOME!) and then dropped off the vehicle at the airport.

The bathroom sign near the top of this photo says “litter boxes”!

Of course, little Bug made a friend at the airport.  This buddy who was traveling to live in Australia.

We arrived home about 4 hours late due to a delayed layover in Denver.

A nice vacation, but we were glad to be home!

Steam and stink… Day 1 in Yellowstone :)

So, we spent the next two days in Yellowstone.  Day 1 took us to the southern part of the loop around Yellowstone National Park.

Our first stop was Old Faithful with a short hike around the Geyser Loop.  It is just not the same without the sulfur-y smell that permeated these 2 days!

Old Faithful

This was named heart pool.

Heart pool at Yellowstone Geyser Hike

These are the Lion Geysers – they (3 of them) sound like they growl just before they erupt.

Lion Geysers at Geyser Hike in Yellowstone

This was our next stop – West Thumb Geyser basin which on the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake.

We stopped by the bank of Yellowstone Lake on the way to the Mud Volcano.

This was called Dragon’s breath at the Mud Volcano…

This was one of the “mud volcanoes.”

What a full day!!!

Catching up a bit at a time

The summer has surely been flying by and we’ve been up to lots. So, let’s start with vacation – Museum of the Rockies and Yellowstone.

We flew out to Montana in early June.  This was Bug’s first airplane ride that she will remember.

We arrived in Bozeman, MT and had lunch/breakfast at The Cat Eye Cafe – which is now in my top 10 of favorite restaurants ever!  The food was different and  great, the atmosphere was quirky and cute (lots of cats), and every table had a toy drawer!

We went to see ‘Big Al‘ from the Allosaurus film by the BBC, but also got to see ‘Big Mike’ who is a T. rex.

Bi Al at the Museum of the Rockies

Big Mike at Museum of the Rockies

We also visited their ‘living museum’

We went back the next day and visited Big Al again and watched some of the films.  I got to see the DaVinci “machines” exhibit while Dad and Pappaw took Bug to the film.

DaVinci was so creative and talented, it almost made me cry.

Then we headed to Wyoming to get ready for Yellowstone… this was our view along the way.

As for crafting on those days… it wasn’t much.  I took my Dad’s socks, which are finished and received.  I also tried to work on an Annis (rav), but ended up ripping it out.  I had altitude sickness, which was constant nausea, so I didn’t knit much.


We survived vacation in North Carolina and returned safely on Sunday.  The first evening (Sunday) was spent unpacking and getting settled.  We used Monday to go to the store and then took the kids to do some ‘gem mining’ and putt-putt golf just to get them out of the house and moving around.



On Tuesday we headed to Cherokee, NC.  We stopped in the visitor center there, which is a great location on the water and is staffed with very friendly, helpful people.


We went gem mining again and found the Oconaluftee Islands Park to have our picnic …


the Fun Factory to appease both small and big kids (but when can you appease a teenager? – tell me…!)



On Wednesday, we went horseback riding and then visited the water park area in Cherokee (near the Cherokee Coney and Cream Ice Cream Shop – mmMMMmmm!)  The horseback riding was very traumatic and Bug screamed and screamed, so they took us back while the others continued on…


Thursday took us to Asheville.  Everyone went to visit the antique car museum/sculpture garden, but then we split up.  Bug and I went to the North Carolina Arboretum to see the bonsai and quilt gardens.  Everyone else went to the Biltmore.  I’d been there and never care to go back.  They now agree with me (told you so!)






Enough for now… 🙂

Let’s just start the holidays now…

I’m feeling ready to give up the day-to-day routine and head for the oddness that comes with the holidays. I think it has mostly to do with this being the 3/4 part of the semester. We’re all (students and faculty alike) tired of each other and ready for a significant break.

We celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday on Friday evening in Frankfort, KY

A’s 40th!

and then traveled the rest of the way up to Ohio to visit my parents. My dad is doing well with with his second shoulder surgery. He said this one (his right) was more painful than the first one (his left). Bug comforted him by sharing a peanut butter cookie.

pappaw and bug

We also went to the Ripley, OH farmer’s market. It is the first year for it and it is going to continue until December. It was interesting to see the different things for sale at this time of year including this 16 pound sweet potato!

SWEET potato

That is a regular size milk crate, folks!

We also ground some cornmeal from a type of corn called “bloody butcher corn.”


grinding cornmeal

The river was very pretty with a bit of residual fog even though the fall colors weren’t at peak.

Ohio River

I got some knitting done.

I’m at the cuff of the first clog,


in the second repeat of the green Victorian Lace Today scarf,

scarf lace

and close to the end of the ribbing on my second sock (pair #2).


Do not let this fool you, though… the DNA illusion scarf and the Elizabeth lace scarf are not yet done. They are just taking a break.