Another life

So many things have changed in the last year + … Amazingly, I feel recovered, met a really nice man with two daughters, and am married again. It seems quick when I look at the calendar, but it just feels so right.



So, I’ve rearranged the furniture in every room in the house, painted some, and cleaned out closets and dressers.  I’ve made lots of new friends and see them and my ‘old’ friends more often.  I’ve taken up walking when I can’t concentrate or need to clear my mind.  Reading and thinking have and continue to help me understand myself  and my situation better.   My life is actually pretty darned good. 


Still lots of reading and thinking and working through pain-filled thoughts.  It is still difficult to concentrate on my work during the day.  The papers should be ready to sign soon.  On a happier note, I put little Bug on the school bus for the first time this morning.  She said she had a ‘fabulous’ day at school. 🙂

Checking in

Reading and thinking lots… trying to order my thoughts and work through the bad stuff that is happening and look to the future.  I feel good most of the time, but have moments of intense sadness.   Of course, Little Bug is the sunshine in my days.  Today I am playing hooky with her.  Currently, she is pretending to be a bunny rabbit named Winter.


I am so thankful for my friends and family that comfort me and are helping me face the days ahead with hope.  There are sad and joyful pieces to each day.  I am trying to think of this ending as getting a fresh start – sweeping the foundation clean and building something that is different.

Becoming another statistic

They say that 1/2 of first marriages end in divorce and that about 2/3 of second marriages end in divorce. Well, I’m set to become yet another statistic either in July or August of this year. I never saw it coming, but I’ll survive and be stronger.