Whirlwind days

Chugging away here—–

MORE THAN mid-way through the 3 week semester…

got some antibiotics for my ‘2 weeks and counting’ cold…

picked up out CSA box several times (Avalon Acres)…

finished my first project in cashmere (Jojoland lace)

and watched our girl graduate from pre-school…

Finishing frenzy

The big orange hunting socks are finally finished.  These took quite a long time to knit compare to the others lately.  First they are bigger socks and longer socks and the pattern repeats are on every round – whew!

First modeled by Miss Bug…


Then by DH.  His father is the recipient.





Yarn: Trekking XXL, used most of one skein

Color: mostly orange

Needle: US 2 (knit picks, used magic loop, one at at time)

Pattern: Made it up

Inspiration: Hedgerow socks and fetching

Size: Men’s size 10-11 wide

I also knit up a pair of mittens for me!



Yarn: Manos de Uruguay, used about 2/3 of a skein

Needle: US 9, magic loop, ‘toe-up’

Pattern: plain, kind of made up, numbers based on Ann Budd’s book of patterns

I also sewed up my sister’s clogs (fiber-trends) and will felt them over Thanksgiving.  She has tiny feet, so I wanted to do it when I have her foot around for measurement purposes.  I also am working on a pair of fingerless mitts for my friend’s husband.  I just taught her to knit yesterday.  Pictures later…

Otherwise, things are ticking along here.

Bug had her Thanksgiving program at ‘school’ in which the kids sang.  She is wearing orange.


She was actually on good behavior this year – no crying like last year.  And she even ate some of the lunch!  Since Thanksgiving is so late this year and Bug is very much in the holiday spirit, we also made ornaments


and put up our Christmas tree this weekend.



We are hoping to avoid so much materialism with her.  She seems to want everything she sees.  So, we devised this plan – she gets to cut out pictures of things she wants and glue them to a special block of construction paper we keep on the freezer with Santa’s picture on it.  Then Santa will choose one thing to bring her.  We will get here something and her grandparents will too, but maybe it won’t be so overwhelming…?

I have only one more lecture and two more classes in this semester – one course was double the time each week (to allow for travel) and ended at mid-semester.  However, there is ‘no rest for the wicked’ – as soon as classes are finished, I have to report for US district jury duty for the remainder of December… BIG FUN!

Lot of miscellany

A lot of things have been accomplished since the last post – little knitting or crochet, but lots of other stuff.  Bug got a haircut…

We went to a ‘water’ birthday party…  The birthday boy (6) was the recipient of the crocheted Katamari.

We went boating for Memorial Day…

We made a chocolate cheesecake for a certain little girl’s birthday …

We danced in a hafla…

and had a birthday cookout with some family and friends for our little Bug’s 3rd birthday (officially it is Tuesday, though).

Oh, and I finished up the 3 week course and turned in grades!!! Wahooooooo!


We’ve been very busy this week – 5 “weeks” of a course jammed into 5 days of class. A whirlwind to say the least, but we’re surviving. I remind myself each year that I taught this course one time while 9 months pregnant with a sprained ankle (I can do ANYTHING!). Bug was born the day of the final exam for this course nearly 3 years ago now… I can’t believe it. Time has certainly flown…

Someone recently asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said cheesecake – we have made several of these in the last few months for other people. She likes to hold the eggs and eat some of the chocolate chips.

In the last few days she has added that she wants presents – I asked her ‘what’ presents. Her answer: blue presents. 🙂

We’ve made some progress on all fronts – the garden is enjoying the rain, but aches for some seasonably warmer weather than we’ve been having. I’ve made progress on three projects: the stained glass crochet scarf

and the corn socks for DH

but messed up the lattice scarf and had to rip back past the “progress” I had made.

I like Lixie’s slogan for these days… Keep calm and carry on…

April showers

It has been raining here on and off for about a week.  The ground is saturated and everything is beginning to green up.  Only the little oak in the back yard still clings to its brown leaves.  It is always the last to come around to budding.  I saw some dogwoods blooming this morning on the way in to work.  I’ve been working on a crochet scarf out out knitpicks laceweight and DH’s corn socks.  Both projects are going well – I’m still not yet ready to begin anything complex.  Work is taking too much mental and physical energy for anything complex.   I’ll take pictures of the progress soon… Bug is well and talking up a storm these days.  I can’t believe she will be 3 years old in less than two months.

Ramblings and a recipe

Even though the semester is done, I’ve been at work both days (not for a “full” day, though).  I’m not going in again until after New Year’s (my goal).  I’m feeling somewhat burnt out at work, so I’m trying to find some peace and replenishment.  I have a tough time finding some kind of balance between work, family, and personal time.

Yesterday I joined a gym in town while the rec center is closed for the break and it was fun to go yesterday.  They have a big movie theater and I watched the end of the last Bourne movie.  I wonder if they only play action movies to keep the pace up.

Today I took Bug to the doctor (waited 45 minutes past the appt time before we even saw the doctor!) to find out she has an ear infection.  We didn’t have an inkling until she screamed non-stop last night about midnight for an entire hour and then woke up screaming again at 3am.  I’m surprised I’m even still awake.  It is a good thing she is cute and loves the cats!


On the crafty front (the last 2 weeks or so…), I’ve finished one fetching and cast on the second in some lovely alpaca that I bought at the Fiber Festival.

I also worked on the Rosalind (DNA) scarf for DH.  It currently measures 24 inches (61cm).



I am hoping to get it done over the break since he bought a winter coat to match it (how nice is that!)  I’m very lucky that he appreciates the things I make for him.  He also likes his felted slippers (clogs).  Also he just handed me a frozen fuzzy navel!  MMmmMmmMm!   I am such a lucky girl.  Here is the “recipe.”

Frozen fuzzy navel

orange sherbet

peach schnaps

vodka (optional, for a strong drink)

The amounts you choose will depend on how strong you want your fuzzy navel.  Scoop some orange sherbet into a blender, add some peach schnaps and vodka.  Blend until the consistency of a thick milkshake.  Enjoy!

Fall break fun and ‘not so much’ fun

The good parts… Bug had lots of fun playing outside this weekend.

Bug at park

Bug and pinto

I caught up on paperwork, grading, etc these past 2 days.  The light traffic and open parking on campus was a bonus.  I went to the bookstore for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon – browsed the books and magazines and then knit on the DNA scarf before reading a student thesis.

DNA scarf 10/14/07DNA scarf 10/14/07

I found the cutest knitted animals directions (Noah’s ark) in the September issue of Simply Knitting (British) and had to buy it.  I will definitely be making some of these for Bug and my sister’s boys.  I also bought a copy of Robert Fulghum’s new book What on Earth Have I Done?.

Noah’s ark knit version

We went out to lunch today and then back to the bookstore for a while.  I then worked some more on the student thesis before picking up Bug.

Now for the ‘not so much fun’ parts…

Saturday – we tried to go camping in the pop-up camper.  First, it took forever to get everything packed up. Then, the camper had a flat tire.  After that, we drove to Old Stone Fort (about 40′ away) only to find there was ‘no vacancy’ at the camp ground.  We then decided to plow on to another camp ground about 45′ further only to find there was ‘no vacancy’ there, too.  We turned around to head home (3 strikes, we’re out!)  We stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner and headed home.  After Bug got the bed both of us were extremely nauseous.  Maybe Mexican wasn’t such a good idea….

Sunday – Despite still feeling kind of nauseated, I decided to take Bug to the park.  Barfield Park has a fenced playground for small kids.  We were playing in the “fish eye” part and she was running to the back of the fisheye for the umpteenth time when she smacked her little face right into the playground equipment where the rubber and wood mulch meet.  She says the “park hurt me nose.”  I almost took her to the ER because I thought she broke her nose.

pre-Park hurt BugBEFORE

post-Park hurt Bug AFTER

I know the “bad” parts could have been worse …  Hey, there are only 3 more days in this work week!  YAY!